Meet Jen Nadol (and see where she works!)

Last year we had the Debs’ interviews, so this year we’re doing something different.

New authors, new interviews.

Plus, I can’t believe that (after reading my questions) they actually took me seriously enough to answer them. So, yeah…

Today I’ve invited Tenner Jen Nadol, author of THE MARK, which is an amazing book about…well, I’ll let you read what it’s about, but let me just say that it’s one of those books that totally had me asking: “What would I do?” And I love it when a book makes me question how I would react…especially if I’m still thinking about it days after I’ve finished it.


Cassandra Renfield has always seen the mark—a glow around certain people reminiscent of candlelight. But the one time she mentioned it, it was dismissed as a trick of the light. Until the day she watches a man awash in the mark die. After searching her memories, Cassie realizes she can see a person’s imminent death. Not how or where, only when: today.

Armed with a vague understanding of the light, Cassie begins to explore her “gift,” seeking those marked for death and probing the line between decision and destiny. Though she’s careful to hide her secret—even from her new philosophy-obsessed boyfriend—with each impending death comes the temptation to test fate. But so many questions remain. How does the mark work? Why is she the only one who sees it? And finally, the most important of all: If you know today is someone’s last, should you tell them?

Okay, here we go, Jen:

1) You get into an elevator and someone immediately asks you what your book is about. What’s your elevator-pitch description? Keep in mind, there are only 3 floors in our imaginary building and you just pushed the button for floor 2.

It’s about a girl who realizes the light she’s always seen around certain people means it’s their day to die. She has to figure out why she sees it and what – if anything – to do about it.

2) Where do you get most of your writing done? Better yet, can you show us a picture (before you clean up) of where all of the magic happens?

(her office is WAY more organized than mine)

3) What book or series do you wish that you wrote? And, no, you can’t say Twilight or Harry Potter because those are my answers.

White Oleander: a great story, beautifully written.

4) Okay, your book just won the SUPERFABLOUSGREATESTBOOKEVER award and you are asked to give an acceptance speech. Who are the top three people you thank and why?

omg, I’d be a puddle of nervousness and forget to thank everyone. But if I actually remembered, it’d have to be my husband, my agent and my editor. Without their support and belief, there’d be no book.

5) Recently, the blogosphere had a day dedicated to all the great things our agents do for us. Can you tell us something you love about your agent? If you don’t have an agent, tell us something great about your editor.

I love my agent’s enthusiasm. When she and I were first talking about The Mark, I knew she’d be able to sell it because she’s one of those people whose conviction is totally contagious.

6) We know you are really, really good at writing, but what is something that you are you really, really bad at?

Lying. I don’t know how I got away with anything in high school, because I am soooo not believable. Maybe my parents just looked the other way.

For more about Jen and her books, check out her website at (which I always read in my head as “Jenna doll,” which really says more about my psyche than it does about the spelling of her name).

But how cool would be really if her name really was Jenna Doll???


Wow, clean desk!

I also say that I am bad at lying, but don't you think that as writers we are just bad at some kinds of writing and really actually great at others?
jennadol said…
Thanks for having me, Kim, and - full disclosure - I'd just gotten a new desk when you asked for a picture so this is probably a LOT cleaner than it usually is!

Jonathan - it occurred to me, after answering, that it's kind of funny for a writer to be a bad liar since that's kind of what we do...make up stories. So, yeah, I think I'm just a bad personal liar, but maybe an okay professional one :-)
RKCharron said…
Thank you for the interview with Jen & thank you to Jen for sharing. Your new desk looks great! It was fun to learn a bit more about the author behind the book.
All the best,
Donna Gambale said…
Fun interview!
1. Very neat office space... but how is that chair comfy?!
2. I see Jenna Dol too!
3. That paragraph about her agent made me go all awwww. That's one of the nicest things I've heard in awhile.
I've gotta go with Donna on IS that chair comfortable??? Jen, you may need to come back and answer that for us!
Fun interview! I can't wait to read The Mark - should be receiving it any day now!

I want to know what Jen sees when sitting in that awfully uncomfortable looking chair? Is there a window? A wall? Another desk?
Little Ms J said…
Love the interview and the concept. Can't wait to read it.

Oh, and I'm totally a bad liar too.
Sassy Brit said…
Great interview, Kimberly, and I love the desk picture, Jen!

Your book sounds wonderful! Nice to meet another new-to-me author and to have a peek inside your writing life :)

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