Friday, January 1, 2010

Vacation Over...

So, enough messing around...because, yeah, that's what I've been doing.

For the past month I've been on kind of an internet hiatus. I've barely posted, I've ignored Google Reader, Twitter has been sufficiently neglected, and even my email has been all but abandoned. But, it was worth it. Two major writing deadlines were met, I managed to (successfully!) wrap up my first ARC contest, I got my Christmas shopping/wrapping/eating accomplished, and I even managed to stay up *well* past midnight to ring in the new decade. And now, like everything good, my blog-cation must come to an end!

Which is to say...I'M BACK! And there are some pretty cool happenings to tell you about.

First, I forgot to mention some great reviews of THE BODY FINDER that hit publications over the past few months! The first was in October's issue of Booklist, in which they had this to say:

Violet Ambrose can find dead bodies. Their aura of sound, color, or even taste imprints itself on their murderers, and Violet’s extrasensory perception picks up on those elements. It’s an invaluable but deeply troubling talent, especially since a serial killer is plying his trade throughout her small community, and her ability marks her as the next possible victim. Violet finds escape in her growing crush on her longtime childhood friend, Jay, but the tenderness she finds with him is threatened by terror and doubt as she searches for the killer. First-time novelist Derting has written a suspenseful mystery and sensual love story that will captivate readers who enjoy authentic high-school setting, snappy dialogue, sweet romance, and heart-stopping drama. A real page-turner, this will have readers checking behind themselves and refusing to go anywhere alone.

And, second, was in December's issue of VOYA (again, not too shabby!):

Violet Ambrose is starting her junior year in high school and faces problems shared by many teens. She is madly in love with Jay Heaton, her best friend since first grade, but does not know if he feels the same. She is trying to do well at school, but classes do not always hold her interest. Unlike others, however, Violet has the ability—or perhaps the curse—of sensing violent deaths around her. Every demise leaves a hint screaming to be discovered: sometimes a sheen of colors, other times a chorus of bells or even a specific smell. When Violet was eight, she discovered a girl's body in the woods behind her house. This same killer is now striking her community again, kidnapping and murdering teenage girls. He even seems to be getting closer to Violet with every kill. She must deal with her emotions for Jay at the same time as she tries to stop this vicious murderer before it is too late for both. Derting's first novel provides the reader with both Violet's and the killer's perspectives. Violet's fear is palpable and rises as her attempt to find the murderer leads her close to death and as she confronts her feelings for Jay. The explicit and unsettlingly candid tone of the killer reminds one of Robert Cormier's Tenderness (Delacorte, 1997), while several twists and turns keep the pages flipping. Older readers will quickly find themselves pulled into Derting's neighborhood.

Okay, so I don't really know anything about Cormier's Tenderness (sounds like something I might like, though!), so I'm going to assume that was a compliment. All in all, this was some exciting stuff!

In other (not-about-me) news, I also wanted to let you know that beginning January 4th over at The Story Siren, author C. Leigh Purtill is going to be releasing a digital version of her new book THE RISE OF GINNY COOPER in four parts. THE RISE OF GINNY COOPER is about a writer who dreams of seeing her work on the silver screen. It's a companion novel to her ALL ABOUT VEE, and picks up shortly after the first book ends but you don't need to read the first to enjoy the second.

Free content? Free book? How can you go wrong? I can't wait to check it out. You should definitely do the same!!!

What else...what else??? It seems like I have so much to say...

Don't forget, there will definitely be another chance to win an ARC of THE BODY FINDER coming up sometime this month! So check back in now and again!!!

Also, if you have a few minutes, check this's the sweet new Tenner trailer (there's a whole lotta awesome coming up this next year!):


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Yay! Welcome back! Those reviews are awesome-you know I agree with them-congrats!!!

Kimberly Franklin said...

Welcome back! We missed you! Congrats on the great reviews, and I can't wait to read The Body Finder!!!

Heidi Willis said...

congrats of the awesome reviews!! I'm sure tons more are coming!

What an exciting year 2010 is shaping up to be for you!!

Megan Petty said...

I just discovered your blog a few days ago. Your book sounds like a great read if the reviews are any indication! It is now on my wish list :) Congrats!

Lisa and Laura said...

Congrats on the fabulous reviews and welcome back!

Leigh said...

Amazing reviews, Kimberly! Many more to come, I'm sure...:)

Thanks so much for mentioning my online "experiment" with my ALL ABOUT VEE sequel. I'm very excited!


Bridgette said...

I finished your book yesterday and absolutely loved it. For what is matters, my full review is here:

Is Desires of the Dead a sequel to it?

I'm definitely buying this when it comes out in March.

Kimberly Derting said...

Bridgette - Thank you so much for the great review, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!!!!