Bribes, News, and Friday Five...

First, I just want to remind you guys that I'll be at the Dark Days of Winter stop tomorrow with authors Cynthia Hand and Ellen Schreiber at the BORDERS in Redmond, WA at 2:00PM!!! I'm still trying to figure out a clever way to give away the extra ARC of DESIRES OF THE DEAD that I picked up at the ALA last weekend, but someone will definitely be getting it, so if you're in the area....

Also, I just learned that THE BODY FINDER made YALSA's 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults list. Can I just say: YAY libraries!!!!

And to round things out, my Friday Five:

1) My daughter asked me to autograph her bookmark from: "Mommy/Kimberly Derting" That was...weird.

2) On Monday, I got back from a writing retreat with some of my favorite YA authors, where we ate, drank, talked a lot, and brainstormed plots. Oh, yeah, we did some writing too. I'm so ready to do it again...

3) I'm reading Melissa Marr's upcoming adult debut GRAVEMINDER right now, and it is SO EFFING AWESOME!!! Seriously, she makes me feel like a hack.

4) Yesterday I was cleaning the hamster's cage so I let the hamster run around in his little ball. When my daughter came home from school she freaked out because I'd forgotten about him (it had only been an hour!), and she scolded me: "When I'm at school, he's YOUR responsibility!" (Duly noted.)

5) On Wednesday, my friend LK Madigan (Lisa) publicly shared the news of her Stage IV pancreatic cancer. I cried when I first heard the diagnosis, and I cried again when she posted about it publicly. I will probably be crying again and again as she struggles down this road. Right now, she can use all the good wishes you send her way.


Cath's Chatter said…
Sending positive thoughts and well wishes out to your friend Lisa.
Cancer is a nasty disease and indiscriminately takes the best of people in the world. My BIL has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and starts chemo next month. He is an awesome guy with 4 young kiddies at home, all fingers and toes (and anything else i can cross) are crossed for him and your friend:)
Cath Cowley
Awesome regarding your book. So sorry re your friend. I lost m om to cancer 11/28/2010 - it is a rough desease to be sure.


Sharon S. said…
you also made the list of top picks of 2011 over at All Thing Urban Fantasy . I posted the link over on the supernatural underground FB page.

Will be sending positive thoughts Lisa's way.
Cari said…
First my thoughts and prayers to Lisa, her family, friends, and fans.

Second I am so excited for you to go on your tour. I wish you were coming to Texas.

LOL hamster was probably having a great time roaming the house.

How jealous am I about the fact you are reading Graveminder!

Also can you ask your daughter to sneak me a signed bookmark & poster. LOL

I saw the YALSA's 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults list and I am so excited! I am still in shock that it's your debut book.

PS If you need an entourage contact me I would love to go on tour & retreats with you :)
Cath and Christine - It's so heartbreaking to know that so many people lives are affected by this ugly disease. My heart goes out to both of you and your families!

Sharon - YAY, thanks so much for the Top Pick!!!!

Cari, Cari, Cari - How much do I want to come to Texas?!?!?! I love that you're leading the charge!!!!
Oh Kimberly I have no words, I just went to Lisa's page and weep like a baby. She is a very brave woman.
And I am so happy you are loving Graveminder, it is my number one want.

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