Do They Have To Grow Up???

My oldest daughter is graduating from college this year. She’s always been uber-practical, starting her 401K when she was 19 and then staying at the same company while going to school (because, of course, she wasn't fully vested yet). She works long hours after school and then stays up late so she can study. She’s that person who goes to work even when she’s sick. And, on top of all that, she still makes the Dean’s List.

Kinda the exact opposite of me at her age.

Last month, at just 23 years old, she bought her first house:

And yesterday, this was finally delivered:

(For some reason, the fridge makes it all feel so…official.)

Can you tell I’m excited for her? And proud???

Wait till you see her graduation post.

I’m sure it’ll be long...and gushy. And there will definitely be tears.


Steph said…

In my book, that makes it even more official. And pretty.

Congrats to your daughter - she sounds like a lovely person!
Irish said…
Wow...your daughter is impressive. I'm older and STILL don't own my own place. I'm a wee bit jealous. lol Major congrats to her though on that milestone. May she build many beautiful memories there.
Avery said…

Even more official... ;)

That is so exciting though. Slightly jealous because when I am 23 I will still have 6 years of education ahead of me. ;)
Woah now I feel like such an underachiever!
Crystal Cook said…
Awww, what a great post. What mother wouldn't be proud? :) And that fridege is so darn pretty! Very official looking.
Bellamay said…
Congrats to your daughter :) I'm major jelous lol
amanda said…
Aww mom, that made me all teary eyed!

I am glad your so proud of me but I couldn't have done it without you (and josh of course!).

What's even better is that the only picture from move in day was of me and you and there aren't any of me and mat!

I love you!
Tam said…
Seriously that fridge is ten times nicer than mine!
Congratulations - you should be proud of her. :) Although, I thought you were in your early thirties - no way you can have a 23 year old.
kjovus - You are my new BFF! Just FYI.

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