Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing Your Official THE PLEDGE Street Team...

Okay, The Pledge Street Team registration is now officially closed! Can you feel the excitement???

Thanks to everyone who posted, you guys totally rock!!

For those of you who didn’t make it (and for those of you internationally), don’t worry I’ve got other things up my sleeve for you. (Okay, it’s a giveaway...and it’s coming soon!)

Here it is, my official list of The Founding Pledge Street Team members:

Kristin Feliz
Kari (Flamingo1325)
Kim (exception.liar)
Sarah (SarahsShelf)
kaye (paper reader)
Jessica (Ireadtorelax)
The Erratic Blogger
Jade @ Chasing Empty Pavement
Amy (alf421)
DB Graves
Erika (readspect_reviews)
Shannon The Bookstalker
Kristina (Krissy724)
Lena Marstellar
Allison (acole1027)
X-treme Reader
Kristina (jayhawks22)
Mrs. Duff
Sarah (Escaping Through Books)
Rachel (Chicken0055)
Andrea (hersforthereading)
Anna (peachandblue2)
Julie (juliewolfe06)
Twin Momma
andrea (adawnn1)
Mary Jo
Jessica (totalbookaholic)
Ashley @ What's Your Story?
That GirlSam13

(Okay, yes, it's more than 50. I had a hard time counting...and I made an executive decision!)

Dear Pledge Street Team Members: I will be putting together your Pledge Street Team packages this week so please email me ( the following info:

Your Blog Name / Screen Name (so I know who you are in the list above!)
Your Actual Name
Your Mailing Address

(Oh, and the name you’d like on your personalized poster!)

And don’t forget, send me your best pics and try to WOW(!!!) me...I’ve got prizes to give away!!!

This is going to be so fun! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

WANTED: Highly Motivated Street Teamers for THE PLEDGE!

Do you LOVE free SWAG???

Are you passionate about YA books???

Do you want to be a member of an exclusive club???

Oh, and did I mention the free SWAG???

If you answered YES, then have I got an offer for you!! I’m on the lookout for FIFTY devoted YA enthusiasts to join my exclusive
Street Team for the upcoming launch of THE PLEDGE on November 15th, 2011.

As the launch date gets closer and closer (OMG, it’s next month!), I’m looking for an elite group of Street Teamers to help me spread the word. And no, you don’t even need a BLOG to participate, just a love of free SWAG…and of course a willingness to hit the streets.

Here’s how it works:

First off, I will send you your official
THE PLEDGE Street Team care package which will include all kinds of goody giveaways. Once you get your package, my hope is that you will pass out some of that SWAG to schools, libraries, and your favorite bookstores. See if they might be willing to hang a poster or, you know, walk around with a sticker on their foreheads for a month...or at least long enough for you to snap a picture for me.

The only other requirement would be to pass out some bookmarks and stickers to at least ten teens you know (and if you are a teen or know some teens, um
hello, how easy would that be???). In general, you just have to be willing to say: “Check out this book, doesn’t it look good?” Or, better yet, if you’ve read it, how about something like: “This book totally rocked!” (THE PLEDGE haters need not apply.)

What’s in it for you, other than really cool stuff, you might ask???

First, not only do you get to call yourself an official
Street Team Member (and who wouldn't want to be a "street teamer"?!?!), but I’ll also send you your very own signed THE PLEDGE Passport. Who knows, there may even be a few extra Passports in your care package so you can recruit some Street Teamers of your own.

Here's just some of the swag you'll get!

To make things more interesting (as if that’s even possible!), I’ve decided to add a BONUS for my TOP FIVE loyal Street Teamers. Whoever convinces me that they’ve done the most work, with photos to prove it, will win a prize! I’m not talking about a $5.00 Starbucks card. I’m talking really good prizes with on and off switches. So get creative, Street Teamers, and you can WIN!

Sound like something you’d want to do? Okay, so here’s the deal, if you’re interested, leave a comment WITH your email address.
THIS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO THE FIRST FIFTY PEOPLE TO COMMENT** (Sorry, U.S. ONLY). I’ll also be Tweeting this too, so as soon as I reach my FIFTY Street Teamers, I’ll update the post.

P.S. This is all on the trust system so if you decide to just get your SWAG and roll around in it, that’s fine too because I’ll probably never even know.


I’m excited! Are you excited????


To be counted, comments must be left on the official blog at (Don't leave them on Goodreads, Tumblr, Twitter, LiveJournal, or any other cross-posted site!)

UPDATE: WE HAVE OUR STREET TEAMERS! See the next post for details!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Pledge Countdown and a Teaser...

It's getting close now...The Pledge comes out in just 34 days!!! So I thought I'd commemorate by sharing my own Tuesday Teaser:

Brooklynn’s voice drew my attention. “What kind of evidence did they find?” she asked Aron, her voice tight. News of Cheyenne’s imprisonment was making everyone edgy.

Unfortunately, however, Cheyenne wasn’t alone. Whispers of disloyalty to the crown had begun to take root, starting like a virus and spreading like a plague. It infected and corrupted ordinary citizens, as rewards were being offered to those willing to report anyone they suspected of subversion. People turned against one another, seeking information against friends, neighbors, even family members, in order to gain favor with the queen. Trust had become a commodity few could afford.

real evidence—the kind that could be substantiated beyond petty gossip—was deadly.
“They found maps in her possession. Maps belonging to the resistance.”

Brook’s lips tightened and her head dropped. “Damn.”

But I wasn’t convinced. “How can they be certain they’re rebel maps? Who told you this?”

He looked up, and his sorrowful gold-flecked eyes stared back at me. “Her brother told me. It was her father who turned her in.”

Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Epically Epic Launch Thang...

For those of you who don’t know, the first book in my new series, The Pledge, is releasing on November 15th. When studying my calendar (in-between nervous eye twitches, of course), that translates to next month!!! And you know what that means????

PARTY!!!! As in huge, major, epically epic launch party for the release!!!

That’s right, I said it: EPICALLY EPIC. (That’s way better than just plain old epic!)

(You have to read this next part in your best Monster-Truck-Show-Announcer-Voice)




(Okay, back to your normal voice)

We are having the launch party on Sunday, November 20th at noon at the Barnes and Noble in Federal Way, WA. (Back to Monster-Truck-Show-Announcer-Voice!) Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your friends’ families to this once-in-a-lifetime HUGE , MAJOR, EPICALLY EPIC launch party for THE PLEDGE!!!!

See? How much cooler was that in your announcer voice??? Okay, you can totally go back to your regular voice now.

Or not.

Actually, I might start writing all my future books in that voice.

Seriously, though, we’ll have prizes (really, really good ones with on and off buttons!), refreshments, and good old fashioned fun!!!!!

And just think about what a great gift a signed copy of The Pledge would make...for, um, Thanksgiving! ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And a Danish Cover Too!!!

Translation: Echo from the Dead


P.S. Only 40 more days till THE PLEDGE hits stores!!!

Me, freaking out???

Um, yeah. Maybe just a little...