Friday, January 2, 2015

A Writer's Life: Setting Goals!

Setting Goals

Now that the new year is upon us, a lot of writers have a long list of resolutions to take into account--word count, that is! If you're anything like me, the new year is ushered in with promises of "hours of writing time every single day" and "complete and total focus during the editing process." Yeah, because those things are the easiest New Year's resolutions to keep, right? Well, maybe they can be! Here are a few tips on how to make your New Year's writing resolutions, and how to keep them: 

1. Keep a Journal

If you write down your New Year's resolutions in a journal or notebook, you're much more inclined to keep them. Start on Day One, and track your progress. After that first month you'll be happy to be able to go back and look at your success, and it will empower you to keep going! 

2. Don't Share it- Make it Personal

A lot of the times when we make a New Year's resolution we share it with the world. It's only natural- the one question on everyone's lips in January is, "So, what's your New Year's resolution?" And while this is a great party conversation starter, sometimes it can make us feel pressured to deliver. Soon you find yourself so stressed that the resolution becomes a chore rather than something fun and productive--so keep it to yourself! Have a few resolutions to share, and let your writing resolution remain untouched. If this isn't your cup of tea and you like the sharing, go for it! But for all of you who get stressed, this may just work. 

3. Don't Try to Do it All at Once

Sometimes we get caught up in the first month of the new year and try to finish our resolution quickly. This isn't the point! Your writing resolution is something you want to keep up, day after day, month after month, for the entire year. Don't rush yourself, it will only exhaust you.

4. Reward Yourself

Set up some sort of reward system for every month that you complete your resolution. Be it food, a fun activity, or a girl's night out--anything! Choose something that motivates you to work toward it and enjoy the productivity. 

5. No Excuses

As hard as this is, it's the epitome of the reason new year's resolutions don't work. There are hundreds of reasons why you can't write on certain days; you're tired, you left your computer at home, you have writer's block, etc. Nip those pesky excuses in the bud! Try to find little ways to get around them and keep writing, because getting words (even a few at a time!) on the page in the most important step. 

So there you have it! Five ways to make your New Year's writing resolutions a reality. 

Have your own ideas for keeping on task? Leave them in the comments below!

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