Comb-overs, Depends, and Other Cool Grown-up Things

Here's a conversation I had with my daughter yesterday...

MY 7 YEAR OLD: Are you gonna get a new car while I'm this old?

ME: No, I don't think so. Why?

MY 7 YEAR OLD (shrugging casually): I was thinking about a car that would make us both happy.

(Keep in mind, we're not in the market for a new car. At all.)

ME (suspiciously): What?

MY 7 YEAR OLD: A convertible!

ME (laughing): I don't think so.

MY 7 YEAR OLD-GOING ON USED CAR SALESMAN (raising her eyebrows now, in her best "what-do-I-have-to-do-to-put-you-in-this-car-today" look): It'll make you feel young.

Nice! So when did my age become an issue? When did feeling younger become a problem that I needed to consider? When did I become a candidate for gold chains and hair plugs?

Isn't 40 supposed to be the new 20?

Am I right? Who's with me?



Is this thing on???


PJ Hoover said…
40 is totally the new 20. Or maybe it's 38. I lose track. But yeah, a convertible would make you feel younger. She does have a point.

I'm mailing your bookmarks before the week is out. Should it really be so hard to drag my butt to the post office? Now maybe if I had a nice convertible to drive, I'd be looking for excuses to get out.

See ya!
You are a funny, funny girl! Notice I didn't say "woman"? See, 40 is the new 20 (or 38, as the case may be).

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