Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Through The Eyes Of A Seven Year Old...

Throughout this election season, my daughter has been very excited by the prospect of our nation having its first black president. I’m sure that much of her enthusiasm was learned on the playground at school, and in her classroom, where they’ve been learning all about the election process and have even voted on some of their own issues (like which ice cream is better, strawberry or chocolate). Overall, the elections have been very thrilling for her.

So without discussing our own political views too much in front of her, mostly because there has been some division among our extended family members, we have supported and encouraged her interest, reveling in her unabashed idealism and eagerness. She has been like a breath of fresh air, walking around the house saying things like, “Obama is a stand up guy!” or “Maybe after a black president, we’ll have a woman president.”

This from the girl who went into the school nurse’s offices yesterday to tell the nurse that she has Hepatitis A. I'm not joking, I got a call! So you can understand why I’m impressed when her thought process goes a little deeper.

Last night, at around 8PM Pacific Time, my husband and I called our kids downstairs when we realized that the election was being called. We told them that this was an historic moment, and that someday they would tell their children that they remember where they were when our nation elected an African-American man into our highest office. Our daughter jumped off the coffee table, screaming with glee.

But the best part came later, when I went to tuck her in while she was watching TV in her bedroom. And what, you ask, was she watching???

Wait for it…

My seven year old daughter was watching Barack Obama’s acceptance speech!

Oh, yeah, and she does NOT have Hepatitis A (or any other variety, for that matter). That’s just a rumor.


PJ Hoover said...

I love how excited my son got for the election this year!

Kimberly Derting said...

Sometimes I think that's the best part of having kids around, just getting their perspective on things!

Tam said...

I made Jack put the playstation away and actually listen to the speeches - I really want him to remember!!