Exquisitely Exquisite!

Girl Week over at Reviewer X’s site has eclipsed all others. It is a week of sheer awesome, with author interviews and guest blogs, book reviews, and contest giveaways, all featuring books dealing with women's issues and strong female protagonists. That’s right, kick-ass heroines! And we could all use a little more kick-ass these days, right?

The deadline for giveaways is December 21st, and here are the contests so far (that’s right, SO FAR!):

A signed copy of I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE by Stephanie Kuehnert
An ARC of ARTICHOKE’S HEART by Suzanne Supplee
One of five tubes of TESS LIP GLOSS (donated by author Melissa Walker)
A copy of I KNOW IT’S OVER by C. K. Kelly Martin
An ARC of LOCK AND KEY by Sarah Dessen
A signed hardcover copy of BRALESS IN WONDERLAND by Debbie Reed Fischer
A signed copy of TEN CENTS A DANCE by Christine Fletcher
A signed ARC of WILLOW by Julia Hoban

But this is just Wednesday, people, so head over every day this week to see what’s new.

Oh, and, in the spirit of kick-ass, let’s just say that Steph has worked hers off to put all of this together. So a great big (HUGE) thanks to her for the pre-holiday festivities!


Steph said…
You have gone from "awesome" to "fucking amazing" in three second flat. World record, mi ami :)

Two more contests - at least - coming today, by the way :D

She really DID do a great job in setting this up! Insane!

Thanks, Steph, that's EXACTLY what I was going for! HA!

Hey Lauren - I literally CANNOT stay away from her site this week...all the contests and authors, it's like she's spiked the eggnog or something!!!
Steph said…
AHAHAHA that's so flattering =) And "spiked the eggnog"? Now there's an idea...


JKB said…
This is quite cool! And thanks - I hadn't found Reviewer X yet, and that is quite a good blog!
Her blog is great (especially for those of us in YA!). Glad to see you here too!!!

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