One Agent's Trash...

This is a great reminder of why you should never be too discouraged by a rejection letter from an agent. Finally, proof that they really don’t know everything.

And can I just say, poor Janet!


prophecygirl said…
What a great story! (Well, for the author). Just goes to show how different people like different things!
Leigh said…
My first agent (whom I adored and was so very sweet and encouraging) absolutely HATED the book that became LOVE, MEG - like visceral hate. She even wrote me a loooong letter describing how much hate she had for the book and added that she understood if I wanted to look for other representation. I was devastated -until I found my current agent who loved it and sold it. Even when you HAVE an agent, you get rejected!
OMG, Leigh, your story is *exactly* why Janet's story is so serious/funny/inspirational. We've all been rejected and taken it personally, and thought "man, maybe our work is just crap!"

OR...maybe the agent is just having a bad day. Or already has too many clients doing that kind of story. Or maybe she just flat out doesn't like voodoo-lovin' football players. Who knows!

Just like love, there really is something for everyone!!!

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