Friday, March 27, 2009


Man, you're getting old!


Michelle Zink said...

Aw, she's gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

How old this year?

Laura said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! and as the mom of an 18 year old, WE ARE too young to have children who are getting old;)

JD said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! Will we see you today or do we have to wait until Sunday (laundry day)? We hope you never get a washer and dryer!! :)

Kimberly Derting said...

Thanks Michelle, I agree but I may be a bit biased! (And, ehem, 22)

Yeah, Laura, what were our parents thinking letting us have babies when we were, what, twelve??? ;)

Tam said...

Hard to believe this was my first babysitter...happy birthday Amanda!! And Kim, I know it's not biologically the same, but Casey will be 25 this year - yikes!!

Lisa and Laura said...


*Gives you the patented Elaine Benis shove*

1. There is no way you have a daughter that is this age. Seriously.

2. IF this really is your daughter, what is your secret? I'm not kidding. You look 25. Laura and I have discussed it ad nauseum. Spill. Now.

If you sold your soul to the devil we'd TOTALLY understand. Just give us his number, ok?

Kimberly Derting said...

Hey Lisa -- HAHA (if you could do the Elaine Benis dance I'd pay to see it!)

First of all, you guys ARE my new BFFs (I told myself I wouldn't cry!) *waves hand in front of teary eyes*

Your post CRACKED ME UP!

Let me explain some simple science to you. I live in the Pacific NW. No Sun = No Wrinkles. You do the math. The same equation also works for: No Sun = Pasty Skin = Orange Self-Tanner OR No Sun = No Vitamin D = Rickets.

(Note to self: Buy the kids some vitamins. And self-tanner.)

Katie said...

Are you serious?? This gorgeous feline is YOURS???!!!

No way! I thought, "Aww she's showing a pic of herself as a young girl..." And then I thought, "No... who is this?"

But then I saw the label. Good Lord, YOU are one hot Momma!

Christy Raedeke said...

Are you part of some secret supermodel breeding program? Stunning!