Monday, April 27, 2009

Sliding On The Edge (with C. Lee McKenzie)!

You guessed it, it's that time again . . . another Deb interview! I love these guys!!! So today we have C. Lee McKenzie, author of SLIDING ON THE EDGE (and here's what it's about):

At sixteen, Shawna Stone can handle anything, from a Las Vegas hustle to skipping out on the rent. Scarred inside and out, she's survived with a tough, hardened attitude. Yet she's thrown when her mother abandons her in Vegas with only a bus ticket and the name and number of a stranger to call. Now this troubled, desperate teen finds herself on a Northern California horse ranch with Kay Stone, her steely, youngish, disillusioned grandmother, who overwhelms Shawna with rules and daily barn chores. Shawna will baffle Kay with her foul mouthed anger and shrugging indifference to everything--except the maltreated horse on the ranch next door. But it's worse than even Kay suspects: Shawna's driven to cut herself by that strange voice inside her head, which at times has been her only steady companion. Wondering what secrets hide behind Shawna's barricade, Kay fears that unless she somehow helps this troubled girl, she could lose her last living family member. And Kay's own secret is the very one that's kept Shawna and her mother away for all these years. As this unlikely pair struggles to co-exist, will they overcome their inner suffering to build a bridge to each other, and together find the strength to transcend the past?

And here we go! Feel free to elaborate as much as you want (except of course on the one-word BONUS question)!

1) Would you rather be the Bestselling Rockstar Author or an Acclaimed Literary Award Winner?

I'd definitely go for the Acclaimed Literary Award Winner.

2) Make people laugh, cry, or hide under the covers?

Oh, a bit of all three. That's what makes a story so much fun to write.

3) Retire early or just keep writing from your beach house(s)?

I'll keep writing. I'm not sure I know how to retire.

4) FaceBook or MySpace?

Depends on who I want to connect with. On FB I'm "talking" to more of the establishment (Is that still a euphemism for older people?)On MS, it's younger group.

5) After a period, one space or two?

One. I learned that after writing 60K.

And your bonus question: What ONE WORD of advice would give to any aspiring writer?


For more about C. Lee McKenzie and her books, check out her website at!!!!


Christy Raedeke said...

Oh, this book sounds amazing! Must be selling well - I just went to order it but it's out of stock at Amazon. I'll check

Lisa and Laura said...

ANOTHER amazing book to read. My list of books to order just keeps growing. Thanks for the great interview!

Little Ms J said...

I love the one worder at the end. Great advice!

Shelli said...

sounds fun - the Debs are rocking this year!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to give it a read, it sounds quite interesting.