Debs Interview: DEVA FAGAN!

This is going to be a busy week for Debs’ Interviews, and we’re starting it off with Deva Fagan, author of FORTUNE’S FOLLY.

Ever since her mother died and her father lost his shoemaking skills, Fortunata has survived by telling fake fortunes. But when she's tricked into telling a grand fortune for a prince, she is faced with the impossible task of fulfilling her wild prophecy-or her father will be put to death. Now Fortunata has to help Prince Leonato secure a magic sword, vanquish a wicked witch, discover a long-lost golden shoe, and rescue the princess who fits it. If only she hadn't fallen in love with the prince herself. . . .

As you can see, FORTUNE’S FOLLY hints at all of the fairy tales we grew up with and has gotten some fantastic reviews. It’s geared toward readers 9 and up…I’m sure this is one my daughter will LOVE!

Okay, Deva, feel free to elaborate as much as you want (except, of course, for the ONE-WORD bonus question!):

1) Would you rather be the Bestselling Rockstar Author or an Acclaimed Literary Award Winner?

I write in order to share stories with other people; I feel strongly that readers are a big part of the equation in making a book "real" and "alive". My goal is to write books that people enjoy and want to read, so I'd have to choose the first one.

2) Make people laugh, cry, or hide under the covers?

Cry. But only if I could also make them smile.

3) Retire early or just keep writing from your beach house(s)?

Mmm, a beach house would be nice! I like to think I'll always be writing, whether I am making money for it or not.

4) FaceBook or MySpace?


5) After a period, one space or two?


And your bonus question: What ONE WORD of advice would give to any aspiring writer?


To find out more about Deva, and her books, check out her website at!


Heidi said…
Another very cool and unique premise! I bet my daughter would love this as well!

And I love the cover!
Yeah, I love the cover too! :)

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