Three Tenners and A Deb!!!

Last night was 2009 Deb Mandy Hubbard's book launch, and while I was there I had the chance to meet not one but TWO of my fellow Tenners. They were funny, smart, and gorgeous!

Check us out:

That's Mindi Scott (formerly Scratching At The 8-Ball, but still working out the final title), author-of-the-hour Mandy Hubbard (Prada & Predjudice), Denise Jaden (Losing Faith), and Me!!!

Oh, and Mandy sold out of ALL of her books at her launch. You Go, Girl!!


~The Book Pixie said…
So cool! Ya'll look like ya'll had a really fun time. :)

Cute! And congrats to Mandy!
Congrats to Mandy and that's awesome you all got to meet and celebrate together!

On another note, I have a YA Book Carnival starting tomorrow if you want to stop by the blog and check it out. Participate if you want too!

Lisa and Laura said…
You girls look fabulous! I love that you're all able to support each other! What an amazing network of writers you guys have created!
LiLa - We had an evening together, you guys have each other every day. How awesome is that??? Trade?
Solvang Sherrie said…
Congrats to Mandy -- it's such a great title!
PJ Hoover said…
What fun! Ain't nothing like hanging out with the gals!
Shelli said…
dang how do you get all these people in town - do you al live in the same place?
Little Ms J said…
Gorgeous, as always!
Hey Shelli - I think there must be something in our water! That, or it rains so much here that we all spent our childhoods indoors writing in our journals. (Translates to lots of writers with pent up angst about wishing we were outside frolicking in the sun!) But, yeah, pretty cool to know all these hawt authors!!!
Mandy Hubbard said…
YAY! Thanks for the shout-out. Friday was too much fun. And also, your hubby takes really good pictures. :-)
Katie said…
Oh man! I have been gone from reading blogs too long! Can't wait to see you in LA! Hope your summer is FAB.

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