Thursday, June 18, 2009


I just saw this trailer for a movie that my son auditioned for a couple of years ago. The movie is ALIENS IN THE ATTIC (although when he auditioned they were calling it "THEY CAME FROM UPSTAIRS").

Here's the trailer (he tried out for the part of the skateboarder cousin -- the blonde kid who shows up at about 30 seconds into the clip):

His response when he found out that Ashley Tisdale was in it: "Dude, I totally coulda hooked up with her."

Ummm, yeah....

Dream big, buddy. Dream big.


Lisa and Laura said...

Ok, first of all, I want to hear everything about your son's acting career! How cool is that? How long has he been at it? Has he been in anything that we'd recognize? Do you think he'd be willing to take me as his date when he eventually scores an invite to the MTV Movie Awards?

As for hooking up with the Tis, you really can't blame a guy dreaming. Ooh, and imagine having the Tis as a daughter-in-law. I bet she's got all kind of dirt on Vanessa and Zack.

Kimberly Derting said...

He started at an agency when he was about 9 (and, no, I was not like Theresa on Real Housewives...this was definitely not MY dream). I hated taking him on auditions, mostly because of the other moms who had that hungry look in their eyes, like they'd cut your kid if you turned your back for a second. Those bitches are S.C.A.R.Y! He LOVED it though. He did some work for Macys, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Farmers Insurance, Nordstrom, a shot in a school supply catalogue that ran for years, some voice-over work on software for McGraw-Hill, and had some movie auditions and call backs. He's wicked good with scripts.

Fortunately (for me), by the time his agency went under, he was kind of *meh* about the whole audition thing, so I didn't have to look for a new one.

But I would've loved to hear the real dish on the behind-the-scenes at High School Musical...those kids are probably more like NYC Prep in real life. I just know it.