Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Five...Flashback Edition

Some random facts about my childhood:

1) My first car was a Nissan Pulsar. White with plush red interior. Who doesn't love a sweet red interior???

I used to force boys be my boyfriend. Poor little Scotty in the first grade had to hold my hand during storytime. I feel like I owe him some sort of apology now.

My first job was as a concession girl at the Kent 6 Cinemas. The smell of movie theater popcorn is the smell of minimum wage.

Thanks to a little show called BJ AND THE BEAR, I once wanted to be a lady trucker. I would have had a boyfriend in every city, a faithful German Shepard companion, and a tricked-out sleeper compartment (you know, for all the boyfriends). And, no, those would not have been "forced boyfriends"...they would have been there of their own free will. Because I was gonna be a smokin' hot lady trucker.

During my Madonna (circa Like A Virgin) phase, I wore head-to-toe lace to a wedding. Complete with leggings, headband, gloves, and a whole lotta bangle bracelets. And I totally owned the look.


CC Riley said...

Wow, that brings back some odd memories.

Christy Raedeke said...

Um, I REALLY need to see the photo of you at that wedding...

And "The smell of movie theater popcorn is the smell of minimum wage," is the best sentence I've read in weeks!

Leigh said...

omg - my first car out of college (not my first, that was an old volvo) was a black nissan pulsar!! it was awesome!!

Kimberly Derting said...

CC- Odd doesn't begin to describe the things I did/thought/planned! Maybe I wasn't the only weird kid???

Christy- I might be able to get that picture (it was my best friend's older brother who got married, I'd bet her mom has photographic evidence somewhere)!

Leigh- OMG, *you* had a Pulsar too??? Did they not look like some kind of wedge shaped doorstopper? AndI totally thought I was bad-assed in my Pulsar! It *was* awesome.

Kimberly Derting said...

After reading this post, my husband said I was a strange person to be married to. That was a compliment...right...?

Lisa and Laura said...

1. That car sounds hot. Literally.

2. Umm...guess you just have a strong personality. That's good, right? Totally.

3. Minimum wage has never sounded so delicious.

4. You realize this makes you sound like some kind of female serial killer, right?

5. I would have been so insanely jealous of you. My friend and I performed "Like a Virgin" for our 3rd grade talent show as a surprise to our parents. They almost died. Needless to say, I was not allowed to dress up as Madonna that year. I had to settle for Punky Brewster.

Katie said...

Oh Kim, you rocked this post!

Sweeet red interior - I could only dream of such things.

I love picturing the tricked out hot lady trucker compartment where your seduction routine would take place. LOL

And I'm with Christy, please post those wedding pics!!! Hilarious!

Tam said...

Amen, you rocked this post! Ok, do you remember when Matt had a girlfriend in first grade and when asked how he knew she was his girlfriend, he said, "She told me." OMG, Kim, no wonder he's so messed up!!

The smell of movie theater popcorn...awesome line. :-)

Kimberly Derting said...

LiLa- I can't even respond to the rest of your comments because I'm stuck on the 3RD GRADE part. Shut up! I was in high school!!! Thanks for knocking me down a few pegs.

Katie- I never actually worked out my "seduction routine" but I'm sure it would have been wicked. And acrobatic. ;)

Tam- So what you're saying is that I was the girl messing boys up? Hmm, okay, yeah...I can see that.

Little Ms J said...

Lady Trucker - sister, I want to think of you as the hot trucker chic jumping down from your rig, hair a swinging in the breeze, but I'm having a hard time with the image. I picture a woman in Levi's with a mullet and a thing for hookers. I can't help it.

I agree we need the Madonna photos. You can't just tell us about these things and leave us hanging.

And, I have to say I love that you would tell boys to hold your hand. I needed a little of that when I was a kid!

Tam said...

P.S. Love your (new) Blog page - it's probably not that new though :)

Kimberly Derting said...

LMJ- I never said my "boyfriends" wouldn't be hookers...

And I'll work on that picture...I think *I* might actually like to see it too. Maybe it's not as bad as I remember. (Who am I kidding!)

Tam- It's pretty new (it matches my fancy new website)!!!

Kelly H-Y said...


Shelli said...

1) red toyota celica with no air or radio (just my boom box on the seat)

2) I didnt force I begged to no avail :(

3) first job - kroger bagger

i think I was more on Apollonia than Madonna oi!

Kimberly Derting said...

Kelly - I would probably say hilarious and with just a hint of sad. ;)

Shelli - Your Apollonia thing would have fed my insane crush on Prince (I probably watched Purple Rain a zillion times...remember, I worked at the movie theater)!!!

And the boom box in your car totally cracked me up. It was probably gigantic since that's the only way they came back then, right?