Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Do You Do It???

Okay, so I don't use the standard hands-on-home-row typing technique that I learned in the eighth grade. My hands float around a bit and I glance down at them from time to time, but I do use both hands and all of my fingers. In other words...I'm almost normal.

Anyway, I came across this video of Kami Garcia's typing technique that I just had to share.
Warning: this not for the faint of heart, this here is some freaky stuff.**

**(Relax...I'm kidding. It's just a typing video, people.)


Little Ms J said...

Oh Lord, my hands would totally fall off my wrists if I tried to type like that. I had a typing teacher, Mrs. Gilbert, in 10th grade that freaked out because they let me in her class four weeks into the school year. She was convinced I was going to fail so I snuck a typing book out of her class (a big no no) and practiced every night until I was at 90 words a minute. Now my hands are glued to "home row" and my skillz are hardcore. Eff Mrs. Gilbert.

Lisa and Laura said...

This is pure insanity! I'm totally a home row kind of gal, which shouldn't really surprise anyone...we Roeckers aren't exactly known for taking walks on the wild side.

Michelle Zink said...

Lmao! This explains A LOT.

Kimberly Derting said...

LMJ - It doesn't surprise me a bit that you decided to "show Mrs. Gibert". I have a feeling there aren't many things you CAN'T do once you've made up your mind.

LiLa - You're not fooling anyone about not "walking on the wild side"...I've read your Google search terms.

Michelle - It is funny as hell, isn't it??? ;)

jessjordan said...

Wow ... If I typed like that, it'd take me 8 hours to get through a paragraph. I'm a 10 fingers kind of girl, index fingers on F and J. Boring, I know, but efficient.

I learned to type really fast in high school, but I couldn't stop looking at the keys ... until I got a bunch of friends on yahoo chat and talked to them into the wee hours of the morning. My parents weren't feeling the late night computer usage, so i had to learn to type in the dark. Kind of creepy/child-pervy'ish when I think about it, but hey ... now I can type with my eyes closed and faster than my brain can work. That's good for something, right? :)

Shelli said...

oh lord - its kinda like mine.
i definately use the claw technique - but i share the keypad.

my right hand is in charge of rfv and to the right. My left hand is rfv and to the left.

i should not have cheated in my typing class. damn it!

Tam said...

Home row gal, here, and pretty fast but with lots of errors. Backspace is my favorite key. Get this, though, my husband types like 90wpm with his two index fingers. Period. It kills me.

Kimberly Derting said...

Tam- I'm gonna need some proof about J's index finger typing skillz (that's right, with a "z"). We may need to ply him with liquor and make him do a demo. Of course, the liquor may impair him. Just a little.

Anonymous said...

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