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I always wonder how much of what goes on behind the scenes with THE BODY FINDER I should post on my blog. Not because it’s a secret or anything, but how much do you guys really want to know (or do you really care to hear)? And then I see other authors making announcements or I’m asked questions about how things are progressing, so I thought I’d make a list of some of the cooler things that have happened the past few months to give you guys a glimpse of what’s been going on in my world:

1) (And this is probably my favorite!) THE BODY FINDER has sold in Germany! Thanks to the fabulous, amazing, divine, and did I mention fabulous (?) folks at HarperCollins Foreign Rights Division, we had a little bidding thing (in my head it was a full-scale war and now the German publishers are feuding) at the end of April. Yeah, probably not. But, in the end, I have found a great home at Coppenrath as a lead title for their Fall 2010 line. Just in time for Oktoberfest, right???? (You were wondering about the beer guy, weren't you?)

2) THE BODY FINDER is available for presale on Amazon. With a real date and my Melissa Marr blurb! (YAY!!!) Of course, no cover yet. (Boo!) But it’ll come eventually. It’s a little surreal seeing my name and my book on the pages of Amazon. And, of course, I preordered it, so now I get these emails saying: “we’ve noticed that customers, like you, who have ordered THE BODY FINDER have also ordered [insert book title here].” Really? People are rushing out to preorder a book with no cover and no real description? Who are these people???

3) Publishers Weekly (THE bible of publishing news) announced their Spring 2010 Sneak Peeks, and the first book listed under HarperCollins/HarperTeen…? You guessed it, THE BODY FINDER! That was a WHOA moment. Dude, seriously? I’m awed to be in such amazing company on that list!

4) Then, along those same lines, my editor was interviewed by The Book Smugglers and asked what upcoming titles she had in the works, and of all of her titles (and trust me, she is a busy and sought after woman) she named TBF first, saying: “The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting is fantastic – it’s got a dreamy romance, a creepy paranormal ability (you can probably guess what it is from the title!), and a total page-turner of a thriller plot.” Umm, wow. Just wow!

5) And I can’t say enough about all of the great reviewers and bloggers who have listed THE BODY FINDER as their picks for Waiting on Wednesday, Friday Finds, Books to Wish/Pine For, who have done cover announcements, also Jacqueline at The Eclectic Book Lover for posting my first interview, Sarah for asking me for my first autograph (even though it was for Kelsey), and just everyone in general for all of the TBF love!!! Also, to those of you who’ve already read THE BODY FINDER and have emailed me privately…thank you!

I’d better go before I get all sappy on you guys and start telling you how much I love you and that you’re the best friends a girl could ever have…*sniff*.

Because you totally are!


Weronika said…
Kimberly -- all of this is fantastic news. Congratulations on your incredible successes and the spread of your novel across so many different mediums. It will definitely have to be something I pick up upon its release.

Heidi Willis said…
Yay!!! This is all INCREDIBLE and AMAZING news!! You are about to be a rock star author! :)

I want to hear alllllll the gory details about this process! Keep them coming!
jessjordan said…
YAY! Such awesome news, all of it :) And if I may speak for all of your readers, YES! We want to hear EVERYthing about your journey, including details about your new WIP. (Well, excluding stuff that goes on in your bathroom--that's your business.) This stuff is like crack for those of us aspiring to fill your shoes someday soon. And every time one of the Tenners (hope I spelled that properly ...) posts great news, I think, "Dude, these people are my heroes."

No, seriously. I sometimes use the word "dude." Don't tell anyone.
Lisa and Laura said…
Kimberly, you kick some serious ass. Seriously. I am DYING to read your book. And I love hearing about all the buzz you're getting. Maybe if we bat our eyelashes at major agent she'll get an ARC to us because I'm not sure we can wait until March!
Shelli said…
cant wait to hear more detaisl of your journey next week when I see you :)
Christy Raedeke said…
So the German bidding war (I say it "biddink var" in my head) happened in April and you just now get around to telling us?! We LOVE the blow by blow so shout the good news when it comes in!

Your book seriously deserves all the good things that are happening!
Little Ms J said…
What the eff? I can't believe you've kept all this stuff to yourself! I am super excited for you and can't wait to read your book! I'm going to clear out a special shelf for Authors I Know and no one will be allowed to fold the pages or get their body grease on them.

You must tell us if there are any book tours!
PJ Hoover said…
I'm just still looking at the beer :)

No, seriously, this is all AMAZING stuff! And I'm so glad you shared it! I cannot wait to read TBF!
Weronika - Thanks for the good wishes, they're ALWAYS welcome!

Heidi - If you want gory, you're definitely in the right place...I'll keep the details coming.

Jessjordan - DUDE, I *know* you're in the right place. And I'll try to keep the bathroom stuff out of the posts. (But I won't make any promises.)

LiLa - ORRRRR, you can bat your eyelashes at Major Agent and get ME a copy of HUSH HUSH. Just sayin'. Hook a sister up...

Shelli - After four nights in cramped quarters together you'll probably hear more than you ever wanted to know (and have some bathroom stories for Jessjordan)!

LMJ - I still haven't decided if I'm speaking to you or not. You may need to print a retraction about "wishing you had a bigger butt".

PJ - Thanks. And I appreciate the fact that I've never seen a post on *your* blog about wanting to gain weight in your bottom...some other people (LMJ) could take a lesson.
Solvang Sherrie said…
Very cool! Congratulations!
Patti said…
That's great news. It's always nice to see someone succeeding.

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