In honor of my husband's birthday, I've put together a TOP FIVE LIST of why he's the best husband ever:

1) After 17 years together he still puts up with me. No small feat, trust me.

2) He cracks me the hell up! Everyday. And all the time. He’s the reason I tell my kids they need to look for more than just the “butterflies” (which definitely have their place!), but that they need to be with their best friend. Best friends last forever.

3) Besides being a great husband, he’s an amazing father. He’s the dad who coached Little League and basketball, and played peek-a-boo for hours, and who the kids go to first when they want a “yes” because he’s a total softie. (P.S. for the record, that makes me the hard-ass!)

4) The little things: Carrying my groceries in when it’s raining and warming up my car when it’s cold out. Little love notes in my purse, my luggage, my inbox. Doing the dishes after dinner every night.

5) The big things: He’s the one who told me to “go for it,” helping the kids with their homework and getting them ready for bed so I could write. When I couldn’t convince myself to spend the money to go to LA for the BEA to pitch to agents, he was the one who encouraged me, pushing me until I finally booked the trip. (The one where I met my agent.) He’s my biggest fan, and he’s always believed in me.

Happy Birthday, Josh. Don’t worry, I won’t get all sappy on you again…next year, it’ll be a full-on Roast! You’re welcome.


Shelli said…
I love you too Josh and I haven't even met you in person yet!
Jenn said…
Sweet! You're lucky to have such a caring husband. And happy birthday to him! :)
Reverie said…
Aww that is so sweet!!! I am teary eyed!!! awww

Happy Bday!
Patti said…
Aren't husbands awesome.
Little Ms J said…
Number four made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Can Josh hold some kind of class for newlywed husbands because we're just getting to the note writing stage....?

Happy birthday! You sound great. And I mean that.
Heidi Willis said…
Hold on a sec - I can't see the keyboard through my misty eyes...

I absolutely love when people write stuff like this! It's one of those things he now can add to what he loves about you! :) The key to longevity, I think, is appreciating all these things - little and big.

He sounds awesome. I hope it's a great birthday!

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