Tuesday, November 10, 2009

THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! (Run, Don't Walk...)

Okay, so remember that I mentioned how much I love Melissa Marr? And remember that she gave The Body Finder a beautiful blurb? And then remember that I actually got to *meet* her when she was in Seattle back in May???

Well, guess what?!?! I think I actually love her more now. AND SO SHOULD YOU!!!!

Melissa is giving away six (yes, SIX) autographed (by me!) copies of The Body Finder on her website during November and December!!!

Did I mention that there are six copies?

And that I love her...?

So what are you still doing here? Get on over there and win you some books!!!


Heidi Willis said...

I'm going, I'm going!

Little Ms J said...

Ok, ok... calm down. Being a writer with a book deal doesn't mean you can boss us around.

Yes, it does.

Yay for you! I can't wait until I have my very own The Body Finder.

Hardygirl said...

I'm heading that way.

And, yes. Ms J is correct. You have earned the right to boss us around.


Patti said...

I'm leaving right now.

Shelli said...

OMG that rocks girl!

Kimberly Derting said...

Haha! You guys are hilarious!!!