Nickles said…
Ha-ha that was awesome! I love how it was the sunscreen song for writers. That just made my day!
Sara said…
That really was awesome... and so inspiring! And I'm not even a writer! Thanks for posting!
Katie said…
Totally awesome! Love it! And HAPPY NEW YEAR KIM!!!!!!
OMG, Nickles, I didn't even recognize it as the sunscreen song! I went back and watched it on YouTube, I'd forgotten how cool that video was! Thanks for the reminder!!! :)\

Sara - It is inspiring, I'm trying the take the week off, and it made me want to *sneak* in some writing time!

Katie - Hope you had a fun (and safe!) New Year's!!!
Okay, that comment to Katie applies to everyone. I was just looking at that and realized that it looks like I only wanted *Katie* to be safe and have fun. Nice!
jessjordan said…
But trust me ... on the sunscreen. That was immensely clever, and what a starstudded cast! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
wow, I can't believe my luck that I stumbled upon this. Maybe the nerves are making me over emotional or maybe it's just sleep deprivation, but this video almost made me cry. It's only been a week and two rejection letters and I'm already about to lose it. This post helped take some of the edge off. :]
Now, off to check the email.

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