Happy Friday, everyone!!! I'm so excited that this week is almost over. Not because it's been a bad week, just because is it's been a weird week. Plus, it means we're seven days closer to the release of The Body Finder!

So, here are my five (really random) things:

1) Turkish rights for THE BODY FINDER sold this week! My Turkish publisher is Bilge Kulture. YAY, Turkey!!! (Why does that sound so strange???)

2) After taking a brief break from The Body Finder, I'm back! I started a third book in the series this week...and all I can say is WOW! Everything just feels so right about it. I love these characters!

3) I have launch party on the brain. We had a planning meeting earlier this week, and the details are starting to fall into place. We have a date and location, so as soon as everything's firmed up, I'll make the official announcement!

4) In the meanwhile, remember that beach I was talking about??? I'm reallyreallyreally looking forward to our Valentine's Day getaway. It sort of feels like the calm before the storm.

5) And since HarperCollins started it, I'm in the mood for a share, so I'm going to throw a little tease in the mix. I'm SO EXCITED for this book to FINALLY be out in the world!!!!!

Violet was wrapped in itchy wool blankets and perched in the back of the big red ambulance with an emesis basin hovering on the tops of her knees. She had puked twice since Jay had dragged her away from the watery grave she’d discovered. She’d never been bothered this way by any of the animals she found, but somehow the image of the dead girl, lying lifelessly beneath the water’s surface, made her feel sick. It wasn’t until the immediate shock had worn off that her stomach finally settled down. The bowl she now held was just a precaution.

Besides, there were other distractions to take her mind off her weak stomach.

Being in the presence of so many men—and women—who carried guns for a living was a little disturbing for Violet. Not because she was afraid of them, but because in general, those who carried weapons had a higher probability of using them. And those who used them had a greater potential for bearing the imprints of death on them.

Innocent people carried imprints too.

Hunters, occasionally. War veterans, possibly. Police officers, certainly…maybe not all, but definitely some.


Espe said…
Love the snippet from TBF! I LOVED your novel and I'm so excited to see that it is a series! Check out my review on Late Bloomer Online:
Teasing.. no fair! :) I've heard so many great things, can't wait to read it for myself!
Tere Kirkland said…
WOW. This sounds excellent!

Can't wait to read more.

Have a great weekend!
Tam said…
I. Can't. Wait!
Kirthi said…
Oh congrats on Turkey (that does sound weird!) One of my best friends is Turkish, so I might buy a Turkish edition of The Body Finder for her :D
Woooohoooo! This is the awesomesauce. I want to come to your launch party!!!
Lisa and Laura said…

Can't wait to read this book!!!
Kirthi - That would be so cool! I can't wait to see the Turkish cover!!!

Frankie - You should come to Seattle... ;)
Anonymous said…
Great sneak peek! Really excited for this book!

Big congrats on the Turkish rights!
Liviania said…
I love the tease~ This was a great five things.
Yay for Turkey! And I'm glad the third book is coming along smoothly. *sigh* I love teasers but hate them so. Case in point is this teaser; it's super awesome, and reminds me there are still weeks to wait until the Body Finder comes out. Thanks for sharing though! :P
Sassy Brit said…
Oh, love the Five on Friday!
Hey, guess what I received on Friday...?

Here is my Monday post - gushing about a fantastic win I had!

(The Body Finder competition!)

OMG the third book!!! Consider me pre-excited!)

Congrats on your Turkey edition! Woot!


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