Saturday, March 6, 2010


Do you LOVE free SWAG???

Are you passionate about YA books???

Do you want to be a founding member of an exclusive Street Team???

Oh, and did I mention the free SWAG???

If you answered YES, then have I got an offer for you!! I’m on the lookout for 25 devoted YA enthusiasts to join my exclusive TBF Street Team. No, this isn’t The Body Finder Club, those memberships ran out a LONG time ago…this is something else entirely!

As the launch date for The Body Finder gets closer and closer, I’m looking for an elite group to help me spread the word about my debut novel! You don’t even need a BLOG to participate, just a love of free SWAG…and of course be willing to make a virtual pinkie-swear. :)

Here’s how it would work:

First off, I would send you your official TBF Street Team care-package which includes signed posters, signed bookmarks, and two kinds of TBF stickers. Once you get your package, my hope is that you will pass out some of the SWAG at your school, or library, or your favorite bookstore to see if they might be willing to hang a TBF poster. If they can’t, that is totally fine because, hey, at least you tried!! The only other requirement would be to pass out some bookmarks and stickers to at least 5 teens you know (and if you are a teen, how easy would that be???). In general, you just have to be willing to say “Check out this book, doesn’t it look good?” Or, better yet, if you’ve read it, how about something like…“This book rocked!” (TBF Haters need not apply.) ;)

So, what’s in it for you???

First, not only do you get to call yourself an official TBF Founding Street Team Member (and how cool is that?!?!), but I’ll also send you your very own The Body Finder Totebag. Oh, that’s right, I said TOTEBAG! And I’ll personalize one of the posters just for you!

And here’s a BONUS for those of you who either have a copy of The Body Finder, or plan to buy one when it’s released. If you manage to get a TBF poster hung up at your school, library, or bookstore (and send me a picture with you in it), you can send me your copy of The Body Finder and I’ll sign it for you (I'll even pay for the return shipping!).

Sound like something you’d want to do? Okay, so here’s the deal, if you’re interested, leave a comment WITH your email address. THIS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO THE FIRST 25 TO COMMENT (U.S ONLY), so hurry! I’ll also be Tweeting this, so as soon as I reach my 25 Street Teamers, I’ll update the post.

This is all on the trust system so if you decide to just get your SWAG and roll around in it *laughing evilly*, that’s fine too because I’ll never even know. Or will I??? I’m just saying that I may or may not have secret spies everywhere!! :)

I’m excited! Are you excited????


lovely miss lucy(: said...

Hey Kim! I host countdown party weeks at my blog (I did one for Before I Fall) and I would love to be apart of this!


Teen Guru said...

Please count me in!



RaĆ­la said...

Aww... US only? I understand, and that's why I wish I lived in the US. Only because of it. Nothing more. I think I would never want to live outside Brazil if there weren't something special that made me do it.

All the best!

Lenore said...

Since I'm in Germany, I might not be that helpful to your team. But I could pass out bookmarks to my book winners if you want!

lenoreva at hotmail dot com

Heather W said...

Love the idea---how nifty. I would love to be apart of it =)


TeenageReader said...

I would love to be included in this!

teenagereader @ gmail . com

Elie said...

I would love to be a member of your street team. I pinkie swear to do my best to spread the word-high and low, near and far!


Anonymous said...

I would love to do it for you! I'm so excited for this book anyway, that I'm sure my excitement while purchasing it would have attracted attention anyway. :)


Ari said...


Lindsay's Photographys said...

I would LOVE to do this!


Courtney Rae said...

I would love to help!

Courtney Rae

Book Addict Girl said...

Totally sign me up! I'll go out of my way to spread TBF love! :D


L8BloomerOnline said...

Jen and I would LOVE to participate! We both have read TBF and thought it was absolutely wonderful!! We will spread the word like mad!!

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Count me in Kimberly!! I have access to students at several local high schools and I'm a librarian, plus we're planning something special for you at the first novels club.

Kate said...

I'd love to particpate in your street team! I've read the book and loved it, you can check out the review on my blog. Here's my email: kpic724 (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!!!

Rebecca said...

Me! Me! Me! Oh my gosh me!

- Rebecca


Mundie Moms said...

We'd love to help promote The Body Finder and be apart of your street team!

Thank you,


L8BloomerOnline said...

I realized that I forgot to leave our email address

Nicole said...

Oh I would love to help! What a great idea to spread the word of The Body Finder.


Mariah said...

I would love to be a part of this!


xxsquigglesxx said...

I would love to help if there are any spots left!


Lynsey Newton said...

I would so LOVE to do this but I'm in the UK...any chance you could include the UK? We have bookshops/libraries too...*smiles sweetly*

Failing that, I'm moving!!

Kari (Flamingo1325) said...

I love this promotional idea =) I'd be happy to participate.


flamingo1325 at gmail dot com

Kelsey said...

This sounds like an AMAZING opportunity! I would love to be included :) I have an ARC of The Body Finder next in my TBR pile!

kelseythebookscout at gmail dot com

Carol(ina) said...

This is so AMAZING! I'd love ot be on the street team.


Chloe said...

Me please! I would love to help promote TBF!


Emilee said...

I'd love to be on the street team! Especially to promote it at the Teen Book Con here in Houston in April!

Holly said...

there are probably already 25 people signed up but if any spaces clear up I would love to do this! I am the childrens/teen bookseller at the Downtown Seattle B&N and I also have an arc of Body Finder which I am enjoying very much!

my email is:

C.A. Marshall said...

Yes, I'd would so love to do this! Too bad i'm too late :( If any spots open up, please count me in!

camarshallwrites AT

Miss Dormer said...

=( u.s only?

No Canada? Aww- well good luck to everyone else!

Christina/Book Addict said...

Oh no! I was in grad class (boo!) when you posted this. Just seeing this now. :( You know how much I loved your book so if a spot opens up, I'd be happy to help! I am a middle school English and literacy teacher. I teach 130 students so I have access to a lot of students and I know they would LOVE your book....I already showed them the trailer!

Little Ms J said...

I love the "What is your echo?"

I'm so excited for you!

Steph Su said...

Oh I fail, I was too late. *sigh*

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

*snaps fingers*

DANG! If only I wasn't at work today...hope everyone has fun!!

Kimberly Derting said...

Thanks, everyone, we have our STREET TEAM!!!! See the next post for details!!!!