The Body Finder Street Team registration is now officially closed! Whoo-Hoooo!! I’m so excited….and, WOW, what an elite team!!

Thank you to everyone who posted, you guys totally rock!!

Now, since I’m a notoriously bad counter, and apparently a little bit of liar regarding U.S. only members (sorry, guys, that was a completely last-minute decision), here is my official list of The Founding TBF Street Team members:

lovely miss lucy(:
Teen Guru
Heather W
Lindsay’s Photographys
Courtney Rae
Book Addict Girl
Frankie Diane Mallis
Mundie Moms
Lynsey Newton
Kari (Falamingo1325)
C.A. Marshall
Miss Dormer
Christina/Book Addict
Little Ms. J (for the shout-out)
Steph Su
Just Your Typical Book Blog


One honorary membership for someone very special, who doesn’t even know that she is now an Official Founding Member. She wrote me my very first hand-written fan letter AND she is having a The Body Finder themed birthday party (how cool is that!?!). Also, she’s been passing out TBF swag and spreading the word for months already! As far as I’m concerned, she is a member for life!

TBF Founding Street Team Members: I will be putting together your TBF Street Team packages this week so please email me (kim@kimberlyderting.com) the following info:

Your Blog Name / Screen Name (so I know who you are in the list above!)
Your Actual Name
Your Mailing Address

(Oh, and the name you’d like on your personalized poster!)

For those of you who didn’t make it this time, there may be another opportunity to join. While there will be no more “Founding Members” (and yes, it will say that on their certificates), there may be another post in the next month or so looking for more TBF Street Teamers. Hint: I will ONLY post Street Teamer recruitment blogs on Saturdays around 10:00am Pacific Time, so keep checking back!

This is going to be so fun...thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!


Kelsey said…
Yay! Thank you SO much for this opportunity :) Emailing you now!
Courtney Rae said…
Can't wait! Everyone should know about this awesome book. :)
Chloe said…
YAY! Thank you!!
WOW! I did make the list *does happy dance* So excited! Thank you!!
Steph Su said…
OHH! I thought I had missed it xD Yay! Will email you soon. :)
Ari said…
I made it :)
Mundie Moms said…
YAY!! Thank you so much! We are so excited!
Elie said…
Woot, Woot. I am so excited!
C.A. Marshall said…
I thought I had missed it too! A great big YAY for being writers instead of math geeks!
OMG, I'm so glad you guys are excited. And see how handy bad math can be???
Miss Dormer said…
Oh oh! Yay! I'm so excited! =)
Thank you kindly for this oppertunity!
YAY! I'm so excited. I'm going to email you right now :D
Raíla said…
No! Really you're accepting Internationals? Thank SO MUCH for this!

I can't wait for the opportunity of buying The Body Finder!
I am beyond excited!!! Thank you so much for including me. :)
Teen Guru said…
Yay! I made it. Going to be emailing you shortly!
Aye.Me? said…
Damn, I would have commented if I had known you were accepting internationals. Oh well, I'll have to try in a month.

Hope everyone has fun giving out the awesome swag! :D
Nicole said…
Awesome! Thanks so much :-)
ReggieWrites said…
OMG!!! YAY!!! I feel so special now =) LOL! I'm really really spreading the word about TBF! I've even made flyers! I might take a picture sometime!
Lynsey Newton said…
WOW! Thank you so much for including me! I'm so glad I managed to twist your arm about that..hehe

Looking forward to starting the mission captain *salutes*
Just e mailed you :)
Little Ms J said…
Just emailed you, lady! Thanks for letting me be part of the cool kids club!
DJ said…
Congratulations everyone!
C.A. Marshall said…
I got the package the other day and took them to my library this morning. Before I even left they were holding the poster up trying to decide where the best place to hang it was so that everyone would see it. I'm taking my camera in hopefully by next week to take pictures!

They OOOH'd and AHHH'd over the bookmarks and stickers, and kids were walking out with them as soon as the librarian put them in the bookmark holder!

They're going to send the posters out to the other libraries in our system so everyone in mid-eastern Michigan will see it!

Also, when I told them I had posters and bookmarks coming, they only had one book on order but now they have THREE because my library has been talking about!


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