So last week I posted the list I found while I was cleaning the garage that my daughter and her friend made of Fun Stuff To Do, but what I didn’t mention was that I found some stuff of my own while I was out there digging around. Old stuff.

Stuff from HIGH SCHOOL!

I found a box filled with really, really bad poems, yearbooks, and pics of me in highschool.

And I’m gonna share!!!

I’ve decided that each day this week I’m going to post a poem and a picture, so you too can laugh at my tragic poetry and my hideous feathered hair-dos and high-waisted jeans (there are so many things I don’t miss about the 80s!).

So, first up is my Ode to Cheryl and Russ (one of my best friends and her long-time boyfriend). I know this was from either 9th or early 10th grade because they broke up during our Sophomore year...*sheds a tear*.

I love that I was writing poetry about my friends’ love lives, and the fact that I inserted myself in the last line, like I was part of their relationship…it feels very Summer Lovers.

But better yet, check out my mad rhyming skills…ain’t nothing sappy about that!

(I just realized it might be kind of hard to read--and you wouldn't want to miss it--so I spelled it out for you at the bottom...haha!)

Oh, and the picture: I’m the one in the middle, sportin' the really cool bangs and wearing what looks like a Toga, so I’m guessing it was Spirit Week. Cheryl is on the far right, the one with the come-hither stare. You can see why Russ loved her.

I don't know which is more embarrassing, the godawful poem or the sweet picture!

And in case you couldn't read the poem, here's the breakdown:


A boy, a girl;
Two friends of mine.
The love they share
is a special sign.

They’re love so young,
so good, so complete.
There’s something, they
have, that makes it sweet.

I love them both;
in a special way,
We share good things.
Things we do and say

Without them I’m empty,
my life’s incomplete.
I love her, I love him;
Our love can’t be beat.

(Even I wanna say: OMG, for realz, Kim?!?!)


Lola Sharp said…
These little goldmines almost make going through boxes in the basement and garage worth the effort.

I remember working my big hair and keeping a can of hairspray in my purse.
Heidi Willis said…
Thanks for the laugh this morning!! Isn't high school such a time??

I absolutely love the picture.. you are totally adorable.

And totally brave.

Have you heard of the book Cringe? Perhaps you should show up at one of the readings with your contributions. :)
JEM said…
Hands down the best line: Things we do and say.

Your friend is quite come hitherly in that photo.
Patti said…
It's so fun to find things we haven't seen for a while. I pulled out my high school journals the other day, I'm hoping my daughter is nothing like me.
Lola - I had the big bangs when they were in and carried hairspray EVERYWHERE!

Heidi - I've never heard of Cringe but it sounds like exactly how I felt going through these poems, I couldn't believe how many times I used the word "love" in them.

JEM - You can practically feel my third-wheel angst, can't you???

Patti - I couldn't even bring my diary in the house for fear that one of the kids might read it and realize what I was *really* doing back then. I was NOT a good kid!
elizabeth said…
I really enjoyed reading this post! Definitely made me smile :)
Little Ms J said…
Without them I’m empty,
my life’s incomplete.
I love her, I love him;
Our love can’t be beat.

If Mr. J was Russ and read this he'd be like, "Dude, she totally wants a threesome." Then he'd flex in the mirror and do his little handguns like he's shooting the girls dead with his looks.

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