Look What Realm Made...

Realm Lovejoy recently interviewed me, and to go along with the interview, she created this beautiful illustration of my main character Violet (also in keeping with the cover theme).

I love it! Do you love it???

To see the actual interview, check out her blog, but I just wanted to say: THANK YOU, REALM, IT'S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

(Okay, and seriously, is Realm Lovejoy not the coolest author name you've ever heard??? Way cooler than Kimberly Derting, which sounds a lot like "Dirty.")


Wow! That's so cool! I wish I had that much artistic talent. :)
Morgan said…
I absolutly love love love her illustration, it's gorgous. I also wanted to say that I just read The Body Finder last night. I couldn't pry my eyes away from it so I ended up going to bed at 1 in the morning (on a school night.) I was tired today, but it was totally worth it. Your book was extroidinary and I loved every page. I just wanted to tell you how beautifully it was written and the relationship between Violet and Jay was my favorite part.
Anonymous said…
That's beautiful, I love it too!
Katie said…
Love her!!! She is so durn talented! And oh how much fun it has been to watch your launch of the killer new BODY FINDER!!!!!

YOu go girl!
Heidi Willis said…
Gorgeous! I think Realm's covers are incredible! This one is beautiful!
Little Ms J said…
Ridiculously talented!
Morgan - I'm so glad you liked it (but sorry you stayed up so late on a school night!).
Very beautiful. Well done, Realm.

And for the record, I love Violet. I'm in love with Jay and reread parts of TBF so I can live vicariously through Violet. ;)
JEM said…
That's a beautiful picture! I'll have to check out the interview, thanks!
Karen- That cracked me up!!!
ReggieWrites said…
That is wayyyy too cool Kim!!!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Pbk. cover? - Jenni Huang
Hey Jenni - No, just for fun!

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