No Sweatpants Allowed (New Tour Dates Announced!)

Dude! If Harper gets to announce it, then so do I:


Okay, so everyone in the Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and San Diego areas, here they are…real dates and real times:

Thursday, June 03, 2010 (with Aprilynne Pike, Kim Harrison, and Ellen Schreiber)
7:00 PM
965 West Bethany Drive
Allen, TX

Friday, June 04, 2010 (with Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, and Ellen Schreiber)
7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
1201 Lake Woodlands Drive
The Woodlands, TX

Saturday, June 05, 2010 (with Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, and Ellen Schreiber)
2:00 PM
123 W Jefferson AVE
Naperville, IL 60540

Sunday, June 06, 2010 (with Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, and Ellen Schreiber)
2:00 PM
STE 302 7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111

So you know the drill, I don’t want to be the uber-loser on the tour with no one in MY line, so pleasepleaseplease stop by and see me. I’ll even sign stuff…my books, other people’s books, cute babies, my fellow Supernatural Summer Tour authors…whatever you want me to sign!

Disclaimer: The other Supernatural Summer Tour authors will probably NOT let me sign them.

While I’m dusting off my luggage and gettin’ me some fancy new “tourin’ clothes” (and by fancy new tourin’ clothes, I mean clothes other than my comfy sweatpants), be sure to start making plans to come by one of these stops to say hello!

Disclaimer: I will probably still bring my comfy sweatpants…and maybe, even, my blue robe.


Lenore said…
Oh no! I was afraid of this :( I am going to miss the Chicago date by ONE lousy day.
You need to come to the East Coast!!! :)
elizabeth said…
Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully I can make it to the San Diego one :)
Leigh said…
Wish you were coming to LA! Enjoy every minute of your trip~
Kirthi said…
You lucky girl, have fun on your tour! I live in Georgia, and I don't think my parents are willing to drive that far! :D

I hope you have a great time, post pictures! :)
Lena said…
SQUEE!!! The Woodlands?! YAAAAY!!! :D It's 45 minutes away, but I am SO there.
Little Ms J said…
Don't forget fluffy slippers. Happy touring, girl! Can't wait to see you!
Khy said…
Ah! I would totally ask my mom to drive me to San Diego to see you, but I have finals the week after so I will be studying my brains out. Sadness!
Sara said…
I will probably be seeing you on June 5th in Naperville!! :) I'm so excited!
Cynthia Watson said…
What about Canada?? Tell Harper, we read up here too! (Although, it's hard to hold a book when you're shivering! Best of luck!
See you in San Diego for sure!
Cari said…
Wooohoo Can't wait to see you in Houston!
Well, first of all, I'm upset that no FL venues are on that list. Secondly, I received my autographed copy of THE BODY FINDER in the mail today and it's BEAUTIFUL. Going to start reading it tonight. Woot!

To all fans: It's a beautiful signature, be sure to get your own copy signed! :)
I so wish I lived in the US. That's an awesome lineup of authors!
Lenore! I can't believe day?!?!

To everyone whose cities I'm missing this time, don't forget to check the Events Page on my website, I do have other signings in other cities on different dates (right now: Phoenix and Kamloops, British Columbia). I keep it updated as more are added!

And to those who I'll be meeting along the way: I can't wait...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Heidi Willis said…
Looks like a fabulous time!!! I hope you have the time of your life and feel like a rockstar!!
Greg said…
Are you coming to NY ?

Can't wait to get my hands on some O.A.R. Concert Tickets and see O.A.R. live in NY!
ReggieWrites said…
I might be able to catch the San Diego one! *crosses fingers*
I hope you can make it, Reggie!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Jeez, people, WHY CAN'T I LIVE IN AMERICA?! What are the chances of all these authors showing up in Galway? AAAH. I had high hopes on a recent trip to the US to happen ypon book signing in a nearby Borders, but no. Of course not. Fate has always disliked me. Ugh.
Anne said…
I am so excited that you are coming to Illinois. I will be making the two hour drive to come see you for sure. Count me in! And getting my copy of The Body Finder will be my belated birthday gift since June 4th is my birthday!
YAY, Anne, so glad you'll be able to make it!!!! :)

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