Really, Kim? Really???

Do you ever look back on something you did and go, seriously, did I really?

Yeah, I had one of those moments when I was digging through the box-o’-memories I unearthed from my garage. So, instead of sharing one of my ghastly high school poems, I’m gonna share something even more embarrassing…

A note I wrote…

to myself…

in my own yearbook.

Oh yes I did!

The year: 1985. And apparently I was too cool for school. Or at least I thought I was because I penned this impressive little message telling myself as much.

My favorite part: That I felt the need to share my own phone number. With myself.

(Maybe I thought I’d forget it. Or maybe I just thought I was frickin’ hilarious…WOW!)


Reverie said…
LMAO!!!!! that is awesome! why didnt i think of that. especially seeing as i got 5 signatures in my yearbooks!
Bookie said…
LOL You were just giving yourself a little confidence boost. =)
Lena said…
OMG! HAHAHAHA! That's TOO funny! I love the phone number part. Maybe you can call your past self and tell her how awesome The Body Finder is :D
Elie said…
LOL- at least you had a positive self image!

BTW...Still working for the street team, chatting up Body Finder whenever possible!
Mindi Scott said…
OH MY GOSH. That is hilarious, Kim!
Cute! I don't even own my year books any more :( Lost them in one of my many moves! Thanks for sharing!
JEM said…
Are you sure you don't have a split personality? Because that's pretty good.

Also: what would happen if I were to call that number today? Not that I will, because that's weird, but I like to know these things.
Kristi Faith said…
How hilarious and totally awesome. LOL At least you kept yourself held in high opinion. :0)
Lenore said…
You're pretty!

I stooped pretty low (as one of the editors of the yearbook, I made sure I was on the most pages) but not so low as to sign my own yearbook!!

Love your handwriting too!

Violet said…
Haha! That is too funny! Sharing your phone number with yourself has to be the best part! :)
Lisa and Laura said…
OMG, this just totally made my day. I'm filing this in my head as "shit you just can't make up." Seriously. You need to have a character do this in your next book.
That's hilarious! I don't know that I ever signed my own yearbook, but I might have to go back and check. My friends and I would have that was incredibly funny. One friend and I signed our yearbooks as Anne and Diana from Anne of Green Gables-in full character!
Lol, oh my, that was great!!
I SO think 15 year old you should be a character in a book!
Heidi Willis said…
Did JOAN RIVERS sign your yearbook??

What I love is that the message is totally generic - the kind of thing everyone writes. Maybe you were spoofing?
Lenore - I almost explained the handwriting, since I "stole" it from another girl. I LOVED her handwriting so much that I practiced and practiced until I had it down pat. It was my first brush with forgery!

GBTQ - I love that you signed yours "in character"! That rocks!!!

Heidi - Even though I know I was joking, it's still over-the-top ridiculous!
And, Elie, YAY Street Team!!!!!!!
Katie said…
This is hilarious. I need to go dig up my high school yearbooks now.
Hi Kimberly!

Just became a follower after reading your FAB interview over at Shelli's!

Nice message!! Ha Ha!
You know that they have medication for that type of problem now - right? ....Hey...get down off the wall - NOW!

Whadaya mean you're phoning...yourself!?! Er, maybe I won't have time to follow you after all...gulp...
BookRants said…
Just thought I'd stop by and say I just finished reading The Body Finder and it was excellent.
My only question is when will the synopsis of Desires of the Dead be out!
Tam said…
You never cease to kill me...God I wish I had thought of that. You're awesome!

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