Are You Ready For The Awesome?

Check out this sweet trailer for the Supernatural Summer Tour:

I'm so excited to meet you all!!!


Little Ms J said…
I'm ready! I am so excited for you. How great is it going to be to tour with other writers?! You have arrived! See you in September!
Wow, that trailer rocked!

*runs off to check and see if you guys tour near me*
Erica said…
I can't wait to meet you at the chicago stop :)
Anne said…
I cant wait! I will see you in Chicago!! I love, love, LOVED The Body Finder and I am making my best friend read it before the you come in June.
YAY, Erica and Anne, I can't wait either!!!

LMJ - Yes, September is way too far away, isn't it???
MannaB said…
The music perfectly captures the essence of all the books! I wish I could go, but alas the tour doesn't come near where I live (MN).

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