So, have you ever wondered where you could get one of those sweet Team Jay t-shirts from The Body Finder launch party?

What!!! You have no idea what I’m talking about??? Fine, here are a couple pictures from the launch party to refresh your memory:

Note: My daughter’s boyfriend agreed to let my husband pick the phrase for the back of his TBF shirt (thus, Team Jay)! I think he wore it proudly! :)

Well, here’s your chance to get your very own Team Jay shirt! Brenda Novack’s online auction to benefit Diabetes research has a TBF package that not only includes a signed copy of The Body Finder (and other awesome swag), but also has a super rare official TEAM JAY t-shirt!!! (Daughter’s boyfriend not included.)

Head on over so you can:

1) Win a signed copy of The Body Finder!
2) Win a Team Jay T!
3) Do a good deed by donating to a great cause!!!!

If you don’t, I may just send you a TEAM GRADY shirt! :)


Heidi Willis said…
That is awesome!! I'm so impressed that you are participating in that! I love the JDRF! I love that Brenda does this every year!

(BTW - Some Kind of Normal is being reviewed by the JDRF in considering for endorsing my book and putting it in their online store! so cool!)
Heather Brooks said…
I am totally checking this out and hope to be the winner. :oD Either way though I definitely do not want a Team Grady shirt...such a jerk that guy!! LOL!! You are awesome...can't wait for your next book!!
MELi D- said…
I wish an event like this was planned out for us Californians :) haha!
Heidi, that's incredible, keep me posted!

Heather - I LOL'ed at you Grady comment...he IS a jerk!

MELi D - Even better than this event, the Supernatural Summer Tour is coming to San Diego in June if you're in SoCal...!!!

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