High School Flashback Tour: Christy Raedeke

Christy Raedeke is one of my favorite authors. Okay, no, I haven’t read her book yet (although I did just get my very own signed copy!), but her funky mix of self-deprecating humor and random factoids definitely makes her blogs one of my all-time faves! Plus, where else can you read about pickled babies or about creepy cats that appear out of nowhere?

And her debut, Prophecy of Days, promises to be an awesome blend of all of those things that I adore about her:

When Caity Mac Fireland accompanies her parents to an isle off the coast of Scotland, she’s not expecting to find a Mayan relic. Guided by a motley crew of advisors, Caity uncovers an incredible secret that an elite group of power-brokers will stop at nothing to control.

Christy Raedeke writes from her tiny home office in Southern Oregon. She is inspired by her two quirky children and her hilarious (and long-suffering) husband.

And now we get to see what made teen Christy tick:

1) Did you (or any of your friends) actually marry your highschool sweetheart?

My best friend did marry her high school sweetheart! Wait, I’m not sure they were really sweethearts. They went to prom together and I think she dumped him at the after party because I remember him crying and carrying on out in the fields. But hey, they’ve been going strong now for 17 years, so it’s working!

2) What would your teenage self have thought of today’s technology? And what piece of technology would have been your favorite (email/cell phones/texting/digital cameras/MySpace/Twitter/Facebook…)?

Definitely Facebook - the ultimate stalking machine! You can see every single detail bout a person and what they’ve been up to and they NEVER have to know. I would have looked at pictures for body language and placement of people, would have read things in to status updates, would have made elaborate spreadsheets detailing who has “liked” or “commented” on whose pages, etc. Seriously, I would have been an utter mess with Facebook!

3) What’s one thing you would have done differently (like a do-over)?

I would like to go back and choose not wear my Dad’s 60s-era Mexican poncho as a fashion statement. And I would like to go back and actually win the essay contest that got you a free trip to Finland for the summer. My good friend David won and I was first runner up, which allowed me to go if he could not. I seriously considered pulling a Tonya Harding on him.

And check out her high school pic:

“This was my summer job. We were called Tart Wenches because we wore those Elizabethan costumes and carried trays of tarts and treacle around at intermission during the Summer Shakespearean Festival. I’m in “the cage” here, where we sold play guides. “The cage” was the crappy job because you had to sit in direct line with the sun and you sweated your tarts off. I think I made $3.75 an hour - serious cash.”

(Okay, what the hell is “treacle”???)

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DON'T FORGET: On Friday, I’ll choose one random winner from all of the comments I receive on the interviews this week to win this AWESOME prize pack:

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Kristi Helvig said…
Oh, I wish I could put Tart Wench on my resume - she's so lucky! Thanks for a great interview - this book looks very cool. :)
Kelly said…
Christy, what a flashback! That's so sweet you had friends marry their high school sweethearts. That doesn't seem to happen too often these days.
Great interview - the book looks so cool!
They stuck you in a cage and only payed you $3.75?? It's a good thing Christy has moved on from a Tart Wench to an author...at least the cage is gone.
Precious said…
The costume is so cute!! :)
And yes, Facebook is the ultimate stalking device! Very useful!
Emily said…
Facebook spreadsheets... LOL!

I am so surprised by how many people from my high school married other people from my high school. (shh... I did it too)
MannaB said…
That job would totally suck! Sorry you had to go through with it!
All of these authors have such interesting lives!
donnas said…
For a work outfit its very unique, would definitely have been fun to describe on future job applications.
Brodie said…
Haha your high school, Facebook stalking-if-it-were-invented-then self would have made me laugh. And oh my, I hope you didn't spend all those serious dollars at once! I see you worked hard for it ;)
With technology these days, it's so easy to stalk .. um I mean find... people on Facebook. It's uncommon these days for people to marry their high school sweethearts but it's really true love if their love can last for so long! =D

kate.readthisbook (at) gmail (dot) com
throuthehaze said…
interesting job title...Tart Wench :)
Jessy said…
I have never heard of this before. It sounds and looks like something that would be in one of Chevy Chase's vacation movies!
Melissa said…
It's true - I rarely hear of people marrying their HS sweethearts anymore. (Glad I didn't marry mine.) However, my parents met in high school. They were friends for a couple of years before they got together. Pretty sweet. :)
FionaChan said…
cute high school pic!

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