High School Flashback Tour: Jen Nadol

I’m super excited to introduce today’s flashback victim: Jen Nadol, author of THE MARK (which I’ve read and loved!).

Here's a little about THE MARK:

When sixteen-year-old Cassie Renfield realizes the glow she’s always seen around certain people means death is imminent, she struggles to understand her “gift”. How does the mark work? Why is she the only one who sees it? Most importantly, if you know today is someone’s last, should you tell them?

I'm just gonna jump in and start with THE PICTURE, because...well...

Jen, Jen, Jen! *shakes head sadly* Did you actually complete the look by "stuffing" a pair of socks in your pants??? (In case you didn't guess, that's Jen on the left!)

Today, Jen is a little more…feminine. She grew up in Reading, PA and has lived in Washington DC, Boston, NYC and now, in a 150 year-old farmhouse in Westchester County, NY with her husband and three young sons.

1) So, Jen, did you (or any of your friends) actually marry your high school sweetheart?

Not me. I didn’t date much in high school and my only longer-than-a-month boyfriend was gay. But three of my friends married their HS sweethearts, including Jess – on the right in the picture – who lives up the block from my parents now. We didn’t usually dress like dudes, btw. It was Halloween.

2) What would your teenage self have thought of today’s technology? And what piece of technology would have been your favorite (email/cell phones/texting/digital cameras/MySpace/Twitter/Facebook…)?

I’d have loved email and hated cell phones, but stalking people on Facebook would have been my secret addiction.

3) What’s one thing you would have done differently (like a do-over)?

NOT tested whether I could still do a backflip five years and a few drinks after my last gymnastics class.

(Oh my gosh, that is awful/awesome! Totally something I might have tried…if I had been able to do a backflip. Ever.)

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(And today over on Christy’s blog you can see my OTHER senior picture—and check out my love for pastel clothing!!!!)

DON'T FORGET: On Friday, I’ll choose one random winner from all of the comments I receive on the interviews this week to win this AWESOME prize pack:

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Lenore said…
I have a picture of my best friend and I in high school where I dressed up like a guy and my best friend dressed up like she was going to Homecoming.

When my mother saw the picture she said "Who is that greasy guy Sommer is with?"

ladystorm said…
Great interview. Loved the photo!
Kelly said…
Wow, Jen! That is such a good look for you ;) Great interview! :D
Cari said…
Jen looks a little like Blake Lively. What a good sport to post this pic!
Christy Raedeke said…
That photo is spectacular! Too bad there isn't one of the backflip...
Jessy said…
That picture is just classic! I love the face your making in it.
Heather Brooks said…
The picture is great!! I am glad you did this interview. I am adding The Mark to my reading list for 2010. Thanks for sharing!!
L.J. Boldyrev said…
Hahaha! I love it! Makes me want to go dig out old halloween pictures.

LOL! Why do authors always have such interesting lives?!
Sharli said…
Lol this is my favorite interview so far! I actually have a picture of my friends and I dressed as guys too :P
Great interview!
donnas said…
Great picture. Looks like there are some great memories behind it too!
Rin said…
LOL. This is my favorite picture from the interviews! Love the expressions. :)

The only time I dressed up as a guy is when my mom told me to exchange clothes with my brother. So I dressed up in his favorite clothes, and he's stuck with my dress. The look on is face was priceless.
Awesome picture!! It seems like everyone would have loved Facebook back in high school.
Melissa said…
Understand the secret addiction to Facebook - was there once - but lately I've gotten somewhat sick of it. (That's when Twitter came along).

Kept forgetting to leave my email address in previous posts :(

FionaChan said…
stalking people on facebook is my secret addiction too! mostly to people i know though. but not that creepy-ish.

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