Wanna Know My Favorite Things About Teens???

Then check out my guest post: 10 Reasons Why I LOVE Having Teens in my House! over on the Supernatural Summer site!!!


Tam said…
I loved that post!!! I actually had to agree with most of it, even though I am still of the belief that most teens are evil. Loved the last line - Connor telling you to leave him alone. Totally Jack. :)
Heidi Willis said…
So funny!! I think this is why I don't write YA... I don't have teens yet, and I know I am utterly out of the loop.
MamaSeal said…
I have about 6 years before I have a teen in my house and right now he's all about swimming. I hope that continues as he grows. Lucky for us (and I say this in a hushed tone) he hasn't asked for a cell phone or a DS or a PSP or any other hand held device!

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