Enter to Win!

My first guest post is up at The Supernatural Underground (where I'll be posting on the 23rd of every month!).

Decide who's better the NICE GUY or the BAD BOY! Comment on their blog and enter to win a signed copy of The Body Finder along with a super sweet swag pack!!! (Contest ends at midnight!)


Llehn said…
Nice guys of course :D
Samanthajo_322 said…
Im going to go ahead and say nice boys =] Because while bad boys are intriguing eventually they will end up just pissing you off. Nice guys can be your best friend and the love of you life. Soo long story short, nice guys win it by a landslide.

Psst...you guys need to go over to the Supernatural Underground link to enter. I don't want you to miss out, so go!!!
Cougar said…
I love a good guy..but in saying that sometimes the bad guy makes the story so much more fun.
"Hush,Hush" , I loved Patch..LOL!! I wanted to meet Patch, he wasn't good but time will tell how bad he is.

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