Did I mention that I have an officially official release date for DESIRES OF THE DEAD???


This feels like it needs a drumroll. Or dancing clowns.

Or something like this:

(Okay, so maybe this has nothing to do with my release date,
but you gotta love a girl with spunk!)

So back to business. Are you ready?

Here goes. The release date for DESIRES OF THE DEAD is...

MARCH 15th, 2011


It's for realz. It feels so official.

And that's only, what, like a million days away, right???


Jami said…
So awesome! Congrats! I only wish it was sooner!
PJ Hoover said…
YAY! That is fantastic news!
Ooo, congrats. there any way we can fast forward to March and not miss any of the other cool stuff that's going to happen between now and then? (though I can skip the turning a year older part!)

Can't wait to meet you on Sunday!
Lena said…
SQUEEE!!! Happy Official Release uhhh...Announcement Day. LOL.


I wish it was coming out sooner. Like, tomorrow... :P
Sara said…
So. Far. Away. I'll just have to reread THE BODY FINDER over and over again until then... well, better get started. :P
Book Crazy Jenn said…
Amazing, soo excited! I cant wait!
JEM said…
That's so great, congrats! Although it seems like forever away now, I still think it's February so I'm pretty sure it will be here before you know it!
Kim Harrington said…
I can't wait!!! I loved TBF so much. :)

PS - I'm March 2011, too, so here's hoping that's a lucky month for us!
katie said…
OMG! That is awesome. I cannot wait. I absolutely loved TBF!
Awesome! I CANNOT wait!
Yay! That is incredible news. I cannot wait! :) Congrats!
yay - that is so not far away! :) miss yah.
Kim - I didn't realize we were gonna be release month buddies!
Samantha LeAnne said…
Awesome! And on my birthday!!! Maybe I'll actually be excited for my birthday this year! Congratulations!
Little Ms J said…
That's awesome, lady! I'm so excited for you!
Cherry said…
Congratulations Kim!!!
Diane J. said…
Congratulations! I'm going to look forward to aging another year now (that's my birthday).

This time I won't wonder about what kind of club the boys are joining when your little cutie passes out stickies for Desires of the Dead Club. :)
Tam said…
Congtrats! I LOVE that picture!!

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