In preparation for this week's tour, I have been a packing and list makin' fool.

See? Lists so that the husband remembers to bring the milk in on delivery day, put the dog out in the morning, and feed the kids (yeah, kids like to be fed!):

And while trying to decide what to wear in each city, I even pulled up weather reports:

DALLAS - June 3rd: 94 degrees with isolated Thunder-showers

HOUSTON - June 4th: 93 degrees with isolated Thunder-showers

CHICAGO - June 5th: 79 degrees with scattered Thunder-showers (I wonder what the difference is between "isolated" and "scattered"?)

SAN DIEGO - June 6th: 71 degrees and Sunny

And, really, does it matter what the weather is outside? I'm pretty sure all I'll be seeing is hotel lobby, car interior, bookstore, and back again.

So here are some of my clothing choices:

(Kind of a mess, isn't it? Let's hope I get it all figured out by morning!)

And in case you haven't seen it before, here's the awesome Supernatural Summer Tour trailer...see what all the excitement's about:


ladystorm said…
Sounds like you have it all figured its just getting it all packed

I wish I could go to the Supernatural Tour but alas, nobody ever gets that close to my rural Missouri town. LOL

Have fun and um..stay dry (seems like it raining everywhere you go but one

Cari said…
I'm so excited!! I'll see you in Houston on Friday!
Erica said…
I can't wait to see you in Chicago! I'm so excited, I just hope I don't hit any traffic on the way as I take my SAT that morning and then it's a 2 hour drive to your guys's signing from there :)
YAY, I'm coming to the Chicago one at Anderson's :) A tip for anyone going to the Chicago one, the traffic in downtown Naperville gets worse as the day goes on, so leave EARLY for parking space as well as seating space during the question and answer part.
JEM said…
This sounds like so much fun - have a great time!
Lisa Schroeder said…
You are going to have so much fun!! Can't wait for your trip report.

Blah on the thunder storms - one of the reasons I HATE traveling in the summer. Turbulence is not my friend. But don't worry, you'll be fine. FINE!!! :)
Angela said…
Have a great time on your tour! I wish it was coming to NY =(

I actually just finished The Body Finder and I absolutely LOVED IT! I havent read a book like that! Cannot wait for book 2!
Katie said…
I am SO following this tour with you now. HAve a total blast! And good luck!
stacyejaye said…
Thank you for visiting the great city of Houston Texas! I truly enjoyed meeting you. BTW, your introduction about why you decided to write books that scare people was great! I look forward to reading Bodyfinder. Good luck with the rest of your tour and I hope maybe you will consider writing so adult fiction in the future.
Lindsey Leavitt said…
Dagnamit. I was checking in to see your post-tour post. Now I'll have to check later.
Also, tangent--you need to rename blog. Publication is here, baby. What about Road to Awesome? Oh, wait. You're already there too.

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