In my interview with Girls in the Stacks, Shannan asked me “Truth or Dare?” and after a terrifying split-second flashback to my younger days, I decided to play it safe and answer “Truth,” because the thing is, I’m that person who will tell you everything—probably too much of everything!

Wait, now I’m wondering what the dare might have been! A push-up? To kiss her? Turn my eyelids inside out? I guess we’ll never know!

Since I’m terrible at keeping secrets in my real life, and we all know just how many there are in the publishing world, I thought I would give everyone free reign here. So go ahead, ask me anything you want! I DARE YOU!!!

Wanna know how I met my husband?

How old I was when I had my first kiss?

How about my weirdest dream (which may or may not include a boy band)?

What was the name of my first grade teacher?
Well, maybe not that one…but only because I can’t remember.

But, seriously, I’ll try to answer any question you ask. Even the really embarrassing ones. Okay, especially the really embarrassing ones!

*Leave your questions in the comments section, and I’ll put them up in a separate post.

**They can be serious or funny (or anything in between).

***I like these little star thingies, and may use them more often!


Kelsey Sutton said…
Ha. Okay, I'll ask you the most typical but most fun question I believe there is: What is your most embarassing moment? Ever. Thanks for the fun post! :)
Here's a question that I came up with that I wished I had thought to ask when I interviewed you for our blog: What did your friends and family think when you told them you were writing The Body Finder?

Thanks, awesome post! :)
Okay, you had me at boy band dream. I definitely want to hear about THAT. Spill. ;)
what's your best and worst memory as a kid.
Reverie said…
oooh those are interesting questions.. i DO want to know about that weird dream tho! lol
Do you have any bad habits? :)

Great post!
R.A. Nelson (russ) said…
What would you write about if you weren't terrified to do so?
Are you watching World Cup and rooting for USA?
Sharli said…
Ooohh interesting, let me think...

*How was your first boyfriend like?
**Good guys or bad boys?
***Have your kids read TBF? What did they think about it?

Hmm I think that's it :P
I'm looking forward to your answers!
Cara! said…
I'm a little late, but oh well!

I was trying to think of something funny and interesting to ask and failed, so here's what I came up with:

Have you had any weird encounters at a signing or event? Also, feel free to share this boy band dream. (c:
I want to know if you seriously thought I would ask you to kiss me? More importantly, did you want me to? I'm glad we inspired a post. That's what BFF's do for each other. ;-)

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