In preparation for the High School Flashback blog tour, I had to dig out some old (and I mean O-L-D!) high school photos, and in the process I found some other stuff too. Like notes.

NOTE: For those of you younger than 25, back in the day we didn’t have cell phones for texting or MySpace to IMing, so we had to handwrite notes and pass them during—and between—classes. I know, right???

And I had a big box full of these windows to the past, notes I’d collected from my friends. Some were back-and-forth notes, with messages written all over the page. It was both fun AND embarrassing to look through them. But I discovered some things about myself as I was reading:

1) I have a short memory. Seriously, I can barely remember most of the things I read about, things which clearly were important enough at the time for me to put them in writing. And then SAVE!

2) I was a little wild. I won’t elaborate too much, let’s just say this may have something to do with why my kids have a hard time getting away with anything. Umm, been there, done that, guys!

3) Did I already mention that I have a short memory?

4) I was a terrible girlfriend. And this is the one I want to talk about. Because not only was I a terrible girlfriend, I almost can’t imagine that there was another girl at my high school who was half as boy-crazy as I was.

Seriously, as I was reading through these notes, it was painfully clear that I. LOVED. EVERYONE. Because here’s the deal: If you’re from the note-writing-era, you probably already know that it was proper note etiquette to end your letters with “so-and-so loves so-and-so” (including the current loves of both the note-writer and the note-receiver). It’s classic Note Writing 101.

And my notes ended with:

Kim loves John…Dave…Brad…Scott…Erik…Tim…

The list goes on and on. For days.

Some of the names I remember…vaguely. But most I really don’t. Who were all these boys? Why did I love them? And how come none of them lasted?

I can answer that last one. I was a serial dater. Not to be confused with easy, mind you, but I was fickle, indecisive. It didn’t take much to catch my attention, but it took even less to lose it. If a guy laughed too loud during lunch, I couldn’t break up fast enough. If he wore the wrong shoes, he was cut from the team. Same jeans two days in a row, I was movin’ on.

I really was THAT shallow. I envied my friends who had long-term boyfriends…you know, the ones that lasted more than a month. And couples that dated an entire school year? That was, like, FOREVER!

In my defense, most of these guys weren’t actual boyfriends, just boys that I “loved” from afar. Too bad I couldn’t see past an untimely zit or some food caught in their braces, because maybe I would’ve been a better girlfriend.

But, then again, I had a LOT of fun!

So now you tell me, what kind of boyfriend/girlfriend were you?


Um, I was probably the weirdest high school girl of them all. I was the 'I'm far too busy trying to get into my dream college to be bothered with boys." I ended up pushing through high school and graduating when I was sixteen, never having a Junior or Senior year. So yeah, I didn't have a lot of fun. But I did stay out of trouble. I'm sure my parents appreciated that.
Oh jeez I was badass in high school. I was sort of a heartbreaker and didn't really care about guy's feelings. I remember once I had a boyfriend in school and one in another borough. I know tsk tsk. But, at least I learned from my "player" days and am now a loyal person. :) Great question though!
Missy said…
I was the girl that skipped around and never lasted long in a relationship. I refused to date guys at my school, I always went after the guys that went somewhere else or were a little older. Then, once the thrill of the chase was over ... I was kind of over it. Karma bit my tail my senior year, when I fell for the wrong guy. I had my heart stomped, but I can't be mad because it led me directly to my now-husband. =)
JEM said…
I had hiiiiiiiiigh expectations for boys, and usually no one measured up. That's why I wrote stories, to create the perfect guy without having to worry about that "real world" stuff. Because for real - guys are GROSS. Especially in high school.
I was the girl that--when she wasn't being too picky--had that entire-school-year-long relationship. Ironically, it only lasted for the school year. Once summer came, I broke up with my bf at the time.

And when I wasn't dating, I was more of a "oh hey he's cute let me try to get him to notice me"...and then once he did, I lost interest. Like Missy, Karma bit me in the ass once I went to college and dated my long time crush. He was a jackass though ;)
Audrey said…
I had one boyfriend in high school. It was freshmen year. Other than that, I didn't date anyone. So I guess I was a loner in that sense. Then again, I'm a rather intense person and I'm noticing to this day, it takes a certain breed of male to handle me. Guess things haven't changed.
What a stupid girl I was in high school! I was the detached girlfriend trying to play it cool, while inside I was outrageously insecure.

Breaking up with them before they could break up with me, that kind of thing.

Oh, you want to hang out with that girl? I'll show you what a cool girlfriend I am and say, "ok, sure, Call me whenever." Then, I would wait by the phone obsessing about what they were doing.

I can be one of the guys and go camping - tears streaming down my face in fear of the swarm of spiders I was sure were going to eat me alive in the tent.

Insecurity was the cause of my inability to ever feel equal in a relationship. I never asked for what I wanted/needed, and I allowed the guys to call the shots. I lost a lot of girl friends that way.
Anne said…
ok I was that crazy girl too for a few years. You are giving me flash backs to my school days. I had entire notebooks that were passed back and forth until they were completly filled. We even used code names So there is a lot of Anne loves 7-up and such lol! Sadly I still know who/why they were called some of those code names...scary.

But I became that longterm relationship girl my Junior year of high school. Dated that dude for 8 years...

Cue crazy (now single) girl again....lol
Melissa said…
I hate to admit that I fit into the same category as you. At least now my fickle, indecisiveness has translated into me avoiding dating until I find someone I could actually stick with for a while.
Although I mostly hung out with guys, I did very little dating in high school. I didn't have a serious boyfriend until the end of my senior year. My goth look gave me few guys to choose from.
You guys are awesome! I'm so glad I wasn't *completely* alone with my weird dating habits!!!

You know, except for you Shannon. School was more important than boys...whatever!
Little Ms J said…
I didn't date a single solitary boy in high school. I loved two of them and decided to remain single so that when they broke up with their girlfriends I would be available.

And yes, I was the President of every nerdy club there was....

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