Guest Bloggers LK Madigan…and Tim Gunn? (Plus another chance to win!)

So this is awesome, not only do you have another chance to win the FIRELIGHT ARC (and all that other great swag!), but we have two great guest bloggers today. Or as I like to call it: One great guest author with a crazy imagination. Emphasis on the CRAZY. (Maybe that's why I like her so dang much!)

Today, we're welcoming LK Madigan, you might remember her, we've had her here before (Hint: Her book FLASH BURNOUT was the 2010 William C. Morris Award Winner!). Well, guess what???

That's right, peeps, she's back. And she brought Project Runway's Tim Gunn with her for her guest post! Check it out:

Project Novel

Tim enters the revision studio, dapper as always. “Good morning, everyone,” he says. “I’m here to check your progress.”
He approaches Lisa’s work space. “Tell me about this,” he says, eyeing the uneven pacing of the plot.

“Well,” says Lisa, “It’s a YA fantasy.”

Tim peers over his glasses at Lisa. “A fantasy? I thought you were planning to write another realistic YA contemporary."

“I did! I mean, I was. It … the spark is still there, but the premise was a little too edgy.”

“Too edgy?” Tim’s gaze is piercing. “So you just threw it away and started all over on something new?”

“No, no,” says Lisa, beginning to sweat. “I set it aside for now, but the characters are still very much alive in my head. I will finish it. But this —” She indicates the novel in question. “I love this story. I’ve worked on it sporadically for almost eight years.”

Tim studies the work-in-progress through his glasses. “Why is the pacing so uneven? And uh-oh. I see a loose plot thread.”

“Oh! I’m trying to clean that up,” says Lisa. “The pacing, that is. I didn’t notice the loose thread. Oops! Thanks for pointing it out to me.”

“And this scene concerns me. Isn’t the dialogue between the main character and her parents a little young-sounding?”

Lisa peers closer at the scene. “Hmm. I see what you mean.” She gives him an apologetic smile. “It started off as a middle grade novel. I rewrote it for a YA audience. Whew! What was I thinking? Pretty much every line had to change. I guess this scene didn’t change enough.”

Tim studies the project for another long moment. “I’m just worried,” he says finally.

Lisa is worried now, too.

“I’m concerned you may be taking on something too ambitious,” he says. “I see the contemporary realism here —” He points. “And I see the homage to classic fairy tales here —” He points again. “But the length of the narrative must increase to accommodate the new characters here.” He indicates the last third of the book. “Do you see what I mean?”

Lisa nods. “Yes. Yes! I’m planning to develop those relationships in more depth.”

“Good.” Tim continues to frown at the piece. “How comfortable are you with world-building? Because you realize this will fall apart under scrutiny, don’t you?”

Lisa swallows.

“Not to mention the research still required to strengthen the base. Your details will unravel if the facts are incorrect. God is in the details,” he says with a smile.

“I have books,” says Lisa faintly.

“Books? Books are excellent, of course. But what about first-hand anecdotal information?”

“I have that, too. Three different sources.”

“Good.” He beams at her. “All right, then. Make it work.”

Ahaha! Awesome, right??? I love you, LK!!!

And when you get a chance, check out the book they were talking about, LK’s upcoming release, THE MERMAID’S MIRROR, the final product looks fabulous!!! (I’m sure Tim would agree!)


Mariana said…
This post is awesome!!!!

Very funny!!!

Malbebe said…
Ohhh now i'm intrigued.. can;t wait to read her book now! Great post, it was entertaining with the dialogue.

Jamie said…
That was great...thanks for the post!
Samanthajo_322 said…
Haha tooo funny =]. The book sounds interesting though, a definite read!
Mariah said…
really funny! I am in the middle of the Mermaid's mirror but I need to read flash burnout.

a_readers_adventure at yahoo dot com
Jessy said…
That sounded just like something he would say! Too funny.
Erika Lynn said…
life is always better when Tim Gunn makes an appearance
throuthehaze said…
Haha! Great post :)
throuthehaze at gmail dot com
bookaholic said…
It was so funny...I am still laughing! Thanks for sharing it!
Anonymous said…
Great post! I loved it! Book sounds very interesting!
Sharli said…
Lol! I loved the post! She did Tim perfectly! I'm looking forward to reading her book, mermaids are so cool!

entrelibros_blog at
Diane J. said…
Oh, Lisa you are good. Glad you held together during his interrogation. You responded with an answer to all questions. Fantastic! You have a *crazy* awesome imagination.

I need Tim Gunn, my guy is like a crazed boot camp freak. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Biting my lip to hold back tears, "I don't know."

Okay, I'm not holding back tears. I'm secretly thinking "Jerk! I don't know, but I'll get there...eventually."
lol..loved it! I love Tim Gunn! I can totally see him saying that :)

This post was so cool and funny. I LOVE Tim from PRW.
Cara said…
This is such a fun post! Tim Gunn should have a spin off series in which he does more of this. (:
Liz. R said…
I am very much amused. Tim Gunn should have his own channel. Or at least open a bakery. I'd so be there :P.

And I love mermaid books! I've been trying to find some for ages, so yay! Thanks :).
Lol, love this post! It was too funny,
I already got the chance to read and review The mermaid's mirror and is one of my favorites. LA Madigan is the best :DDD
Anonymous said…
Haha this post definitely made me smile !

Hardygirl said…
I love this post. And, I am now inspired to let the voice of my inner critique have the voice of Tim Gunn.

Lynsey Newton said…
Awww, this book has been on my wishlist for a while now!
kermit4110 said…
Love it, love it, love it!!!
Trini said…
Ha! This has got to be one of the funniest post I have read in like..forever! I have a copy of her book and will get right on it. Dang, what has taken me so long! LK sound brilliant!
ally said…
Hahahahahha x)! There should actually be a show like that :P! Awesome post!!!
Nalazul said…
Great Post. Now I want to read the book.
Beverly said…
Great commentary! So many things that I would never have thought of when looking at a story. I guess I sometimes see things that I think could be different, but I suppose that is why that kind of commentary happens behind the scenes, right. Thanks for sharing - loved it! Thanks for hosting the giveaway too - please enter me.
What a great and hilarious post! I love the use of Tim from Project Runway in the dialogue! Another great looking book to add to my TBR pile! :)
rachelpatrick93 said…
Haha this is great! Gotta love Tim Gunn!(:
misha1989 said…
What a funny post! Hehe
I would love to win the arc of firelight if the contest is international.
Thank you
Jenny N. said…
Lol I can actually picture that happening.
Sandy said…
This was hilarious! I could hear Tim's voice throughout the whole post. Very entertaining, going to check out The Mermaid Mirror now.
WOW! This was great, I could see all of that so clearly! LOL!

Emma :)
Anne said…
I actually was able to meet Tim Gunn he came to my school for an event.

Too funny! Love the post
donnas said…
Awesome post!! Very entertaining. And its a great cover.
Sweet Lady Jess said…
At first I was trying to figure out what we was going on but as it went on, it got too funny! Haha! Thank you!

-Jessica T.

Llehn said…
Hahah! Love the Project Runway parody!
A Rick said…
Such a funny post, love it! And the book sounds awesome!
Haha, what a hilarious post! (Though I was sweating with you Lisa and rooting for you!)

Thank God and your gut feeling to go and finish The Mermaid's Mirror, congratulations it looks and sounds fantastic! :-D

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com
Bwyatt said…
That sounds JUST LIKE Tim Gunn! It's just fabulous! If I wasn't already interested in reading the book, the blog definately would have got me. I can't wait. And a good sense of humor is so hard to find these days!
Anne - I'm so jealous that you got to meet Tim Gunn in person...that's way too cool!!!
Anonymous said…
No way another MERMAID NOVEL! So watching out for that. I love Mermaid but the only one I could find was SEA CHANGE! I didn't care to much for the Undrowned Child. I will be looking for it!

I'm SO excited Tim Gunn is back! YES!! I love these posts, and I *LOVE* Lisa's new Mermaid book. I'm so thankful I was lucky enough to read an early copy! :) I can't recommend it highly enough. She would totally win Project Book (Runway?). Hee hee!
Vivien said…
Wow, the cover for THE MERMAID’S MIRROR is amazing. I'll have to look into that. Love the post. You're amazing.
Christinabean said…
Hilarious! I have to be honest and say that I was picturing the judge in Project Runway chastising one of the contestents the whole time....

clderwee at gmail dot com
Elie said…
Great post. TOo Edgy, naahh. Love the look of Mermaids Mirror
Cassay said…
Love the cover!

Cassandra C
cassandra dot crouser at yahoo dot ca
Cougar said…
G'day..from down under..fuzzy little wombat here. I had to laugh at Project Novel. Hubby and I love Tim..he has such excellent catch phrases.."make it work" and "carry on" carry on.
WulfLuva said…
I snorted a little while reading this. Oops...
Lora Wiedenheft said…
I want to win a copy of firelight please

Lora Wiedenheft
Grace said…
What a cool title!

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