A Little Role Playing

I found this awesome casting video for THE BODY FINDER on YouTube. I love that someone took the time to choose the actors they imagined in the roles, so I'm asking you...what do you think? Do they fit the characters? (I know I see some spot-on choices!!!!) And, if you don't agree, who would you choose???

Oh, and I love that it's set to an Evanescence song, because if I had to pick one band to set the mood of the book, they would totally be it!


Cara said…
I really like the Violet, Grady, & Lissie choices! Almost exactly how I pictured them in my head! :)
Libby said…
I really, really liked the choice for Jay.
I pictured him differently in my head.
This was a great video.
Heidi Willis said…
I Love that people are taking time to do this about your book!! How cool is that??

The Jay casting is perfect!

My crit group has actually been doing this this week, and it's so fun. I have everyone cast but Babs. Who could ever play her?
Hannah S. said…
That video's awesome!
I dunno, but I've always pictures Sarah Roemer as an older, more look conscious version of Vi.
She's HOT!
Love, Hannah

link: http://extreme.pcgameshardware.de/members/sash-albums-girls-490-picture3745-sarah-roemer-disturbia-2.html
I really like the Jay choice as well as Violet's uncle! That's so cool that someone made a casting video! I love watching videos like that for books. :-)
reberto.alberto said…
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