The Real Places of THE BODY FINDER...

If you've read The Body Finder, you may have wondered if Jay and Violet's high school is a real place. Or what Mount Rainier looks like. Or whether Lake Tapps (the lake where Violet and Jay rode WaveRunners) is really a dumping ground for serial killers.

Well now you can find out! I did a guest post over at Moonlight Book Reviews (complete with pics!), in which I dish about the real-life locales in TBF, including some little known secrets (like what was fact and what was fiction!).

You should totally check it out!


Love the pictures! It's always fun to see the "real" places that we get to experience in books.
Erika said…
Thanks again Kimberly for doing the Post!!!!
JEM said…
Ooo, cool, going over there now!
Marsha Sigman said…
The pictures are great! You did an awesome job of describing those places in the book.
I would like to add my high school looked nothing like that

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