What I Can Do With A Few Household Items...

Last night I realized that my daughter had to go to day camp today dressed as an animal (it's theme week). So we spent the better part of an hour scrounging through old Halloween boxes and came up with Nada. Zip. Zilch.

It was GO TIME! Finally, mom gets to be the big hero!!!

Armed with one tube of leftover white facepaint, some pink lipstick, an eyeliner pen, two hair elastics, and a gray sweatshirt, this was what we managed to pull off:

In case it's not totally obvious, she's a mouse! [insert applause here]

And, by the way, when we got to day camp this morning, most of the kids weren't even dressed up...a couple of cats with black whiskers (yet more moms willing to spare some eyeliner in the name of Animal Week!), and that's about it.

Seems I may have torn the garage apart over nothing.

EDITED: My oldest daughter saw this post and said she looks like a scary/creepy mouse. Looking at it again, I have to admit, she kinda does. So maybe I'm not quitting my day job to set up a face painting booth at the fair!

Just sayin'.


JEM said…
Great costume! Very cute :).
Diane J. said…
Mom saves the day! Whoohoo!

What a cutie. You are very talented.
Cara said…
The face paint looks great! The fact that not a lot of other kids dressed up just makes your daughter's costume look more awesome, lol.
Nalazul said…
I think you did a good job.

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