I just got these in the mail:

Okay, so the ones I got weren't actually backwards, but I'm trying out my new Mac and this is how Photo Booth takes the pics! I consider this progress, the Mac has now officially been used (so what if it's only a giant camera at this point).

Now you, too, can have these shiny, awesome bookplates for your very own copy of THE BODY FINDER. And look how great they'll look in your book:

I know you want one, so here's all you have to do...

Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Kimberly Derting
P.O. Box 7378
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

If you want your bookplate personalized, then include a note (sticky note, scratch paper, gum wrapper, whatever...) with the correct spelling of whoever you want it made out to.

Think about it, wouldn't this make a great gift? A copy of THE BODY FINDER with a shiny, signed bookplate? Perfect for birthdays...the holidays...anniversaries (because what husband doesn't want a YA book for their anniversary? Am I right, ladies???).

And I just have to thank Reggie from The Undercover Book Lover who designed the original bookplates. Reggie, you're the best!!!


Britta said…
oooh! Pretty! Thanks so much for this gift- such a cute idea!Tell Reggie he did a fantastic job. My envelope and a little message is going to be put in the mail within the next couple hours!
Britta ;)
Christy Raedeke said…
If I send you a SASE can I get the backward one? I love it! Brilliant idea and beautiful design.
kjovus said…
I am so happy to see this post. I live in Utah so getting to one of your book signings will be impossible.
Thank you for making my day!
Ohhh....why do you tease me like this??? I NEED THAT!! My copy isn't signed so this would be perfect! :)
C.A. Marshall said…
The bookplates are really cute!

If you drag the photo from photobooth to the desktop and open it with preview, you can right it by going to Tools > Flip Horizontal. :)
Heidi Willis said…
They're beautiful! Every new step is a fun one!
Those look so pretty! :-) Hope you're doing well!
CA Marshall - I <3 you right now...thanks for the tip!!!!

Christy - That would be awesome!
As an author myself, can I ask where you ordered your bookplates, or if you publisher did them for you.

Heather - I just sent you an email :)
Tam said…
I want a book plate, but letters to you often get sent to me by mistake, and then I'd have to walk it over anyway, so I'm going to assume it's ok if I just ask you in the driveway?
Tam said…
PS Good job on using your Mac :)
ReggieWrites said…
They look AWESOME Kimberly!!!!!!! Totally awesome!!! Thanks for using my design =))) *blushes* hehe =)))
kermit4110 said…
Totally awesome!!! Thanks for offering these to your fans! I think I might die waiting to read Desires of the Dead!!!
Megan said…
That's awesome! They look great :)
Even backwards, those bookplates are gorgeous! ;)
Diane said…
OH I am so sending you a SASA! I am still reading and re reading my favorite parts of The Body Finder!
Sweet Lady Jess said…
I love my Body Finder bookplate! Do you plan to make book plates for Desires of the Dead?

Hey Jess - I haven't planned anything yet...
Sweet Lady Jess said…
I love the word "yet." Hahaha!

digimonrules said…
would you send anything signed to canada?

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