Thursday, September 2, 2010


It just may be the most fun contest that’s been run this year. More than a dozen of your favorite YA authors, an obsession with sweets, and a stunning array of prizes.

On Saturday, September 4th, details will be announced on Christine Johnson’s blog.

Until then, here’s a hint:


Grace said...

I'm not sure where we're supposed to leave our comments for your entery thing, but I want a chance to win, I love your book and stickers and a bag would be really cool. :D

Allie & Stevi said...

im not sure where to post either, but i'll follow grace's lead.
the contest is awesome, and id love to get this book because it sounds amazing :)
ps one of the best mascara's ive ever used is the "great lash mascara" that comes in a pink squared tube with the green "wand"
;p and it just so happens to be the cheaper brand in stores :)