Friday, September 3, 2010


1) Back to school’s looking really good to me right about now. I know, after my Cat’s in the Cradle post I’m not upping my chances for Mother of the Year by throwing that out there, but I’m saying it anyway. It’ll be nice to have more than 15 minutes at a time to work without someone barging through the door needing a snack, to use the bathroom, or to tattle.

2) I’ve had my shiny, new Macbook Pro for three weeks now and I’m still terrified of it. I’m still using my crashes-almost-everyday, dinosaur of a laptop because the Mac intimidates me. But it’s so pretty. And shiny. And if anyone knows of any cool writerly programs for the Mac, let me know, maybe that would entice me to give it a chance.

3) I’ll be at the Phoenix stop of the Smart Chicks Tour in two weeks!!! (You know, in case you hadn’t heard.)

4) And in San Francisco in two weeks and a day.

5) Alright, is it just me, or are song lyrics getting lamer and lamer???

Seriously: I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad.

Or how about: Disco Stick.

Or: There’s a party in your bedroom all night long.

Or anything by Ke$ha? I’m not saying she doesn’t make me wanna dance, I’m just saying, come on, has anyone crushed on Mick Jagger since, well…1975???

What happened to the good old days, songs like Pour Some Sugar on Me, Like a Virgin, and Ice Ice Baby? Hmm…no? How about The Thong Song?

Okay, yeah, maybe they’ve always been bad.


Lisa Gail Green said...

You'll love the MAC!! Give it a shot. It's very user friendly and intuitive. I use Word myself, but I know others love Scrivner for writing. Good luck!!

Reverie said...

OMG I LOVE my Mac. Granted it's not a shiny laptop but a nice shiny big desktop but still. pet it and love it and use it! Once you mac you'll never go back.

Tere Kirkland said...

After you get used to it, you'll wonder why it took you so long to get on the Mac wagon. I use one at work, so I get extremely frustrated with my crappy Vaio at home.

Honestly, I am so out of touch with today's music. If it's not by someone local, I haven't heard it unless I go shopping somewhere that's waay trendier than I am. ;)

Krispy said...

I just got a Mac too, and I'm also a little scared of it. It's too pretty. I feel like I'll sully it if I use it? So far, I've just used the internet on it. It is very nice though and runs so much faster!

Hannah S. said...

Ha! I had no idea who or what Mick Jagger was until now!

Love, Hannah

Mardel said...

OMG that's a scary picture of Mick Jaggar. wow.

I want to be a billionare so freakin' bad - well, it's one of my favorite songs.....I'm not sure if I should be admitting this - but I have been caught riding in my car, windows down, singing it out loud while my white hair is blowin's in the wind, wrinkled hands thumping out the beat on the steering wheel.... :)

Libby said...

I think by far the 80's was the best music decade.
And I'm only 18 now, but I mosly listen to the 80's.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I'm too sexy for my shirt...yeah, the 80s had great music :)

Kimberly, use the Mac. Seriously. I haven't tried this, but Scrivener is a writing program for the Mac that I've heard raves about from Robin Mellom and others. Even if you just use Word, trust me, you want to be on the Mac!!!