Okay, So I'm a Little Late...(HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!!)



It’s here, it’s (finally!) here - The Great YA Bake Sale of 2010!

Get your napkins, cups of coffee, and glasses of milk ready, because author Christine Johnson has put together a sweetest, and I mean SWEETEST contest of the year! And it all started when she realized that YA authors seem to have one big thing in common - an obsession with treats and baking.

Here’s the deal:

To enter, simply leave a thoughtful comment on an author’s (mine, Christine's, or any of the other authors participating) Bake Sale blog post, or tweet about the contest with the hashtag #YABakeSale10. Voila! You’re entered.

When you enter, you become eligible to win any one of the Personal Prize Packs (i.e. a comment on Saundra Mitchell’s blog may net you the Cyn Balog prize pack. You’re entering the whole contest, not just that particular author’s part of it.) You also become eligible to win the humongonormous Grand Prize Basket.

What’s in the Grand Prize Basket?

Each author has hand-written two copies of a favorite sweet-treat recipe. One copy has gone into a beautiful recipe book that is part of the Grand Prize Basket. In addition to the (hand-written! Did I mention that?) recipe collection, the Grand Prize winner will receive:

A signed copy of Cyn Balog’s SLEEPLESS

Bookmarks for KAT, INCORRIGIBLE by Stephanie Burgis

Signed bookmarks for THE CRESCENT and HALF MOON, pencils, and a crescent moon and crystal-studded star necklace from Jordan Deen

A signed copy of THE BODY FINDER, a TBF tote bag, sticker and bookmarks from Kimberly Derting

An EVERLASTING-themed notebook, bookmark and pin from Angela Frazier

A signed copy of CLAIRE DE LUNE, signed stickers and a silver, moon-themed bookmark from Christine Johnson

A signed copy of SHADOWED SUMMER, matching chocolate candies, Twilight-themed heart candies, bookmarks and THE VESPERTINE dance card from Saundra Mitchell

A signed copy of THE PACE, by Shelena Shorts, along with bookmarks and THE PACE pencils

A signed hard-cover of SHADE and a Keeley Brothers pin from Jeri-Smith Ready

A signed copy of PERSONAL DEMONS, a PERSONAL DEMONS tank top, temporary tattoos, and bookmarks from Lisa Desrochers


But that’s not all!

Each author has one other handwritten recipe that will be part of each author’s own Personal Prize Pack.

The prize packs include:

Cyn Balog - Signed copy of SLEEPLESS and a handwritten recipe for Coconut Bread.

Stephanie Burgis - UK paperback copy of A MOST IMPROPER MAGICK and a hand written recipe for Apple Muffins

Kay Cassidy - Hand-written recipe and giveaways

Megan Crewe - Hand-written recipe and giveaways

Shannon Delaney - Hand-written recipe and giveaways

Jordan Deen - Basket with Pampered Chef baking gear and a recipe for Orange Pineapple Cake

Kimberly Derting - Signed copy of The Body Finder, stickers, a totebag, bookmarks and a recipe for Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lisa Desrochers - A copy of PERSONAL DEMONS and a recipe for Sunday Coffee Cupcakes

Angie Frazier - A signed hard-cover copy of EVERLASTING, bookmark, and a recipe for Butter Rum Cupcakes with Coconut Buttercream Frosting

Judith Graves - Copy of UNDER MY SKIN, a character card, and a recipe for Dead Lady Fingers

Christine Johnson - A signed hard-cover copy of CLAIRE DE LUNE, stickers, a silver moon-themed bookmark and a recipe for Chocolate-Chip Butterscotch Blondies

Saundra Mitchell - Recipe and giveaways

Jennifer Murgia - ANGEL STAR swag, Octogram

earrings, and a hand-written recipe

Shelena Shorts - Signed copy of THE BROKEN LAKE and bookmarks and a hand-written recipe

Jeri Smith-Ready - SHADE UK paperback edition and a recipe for Scottish Oat Scones

Fine print: The contest entries must be posted by midnight eastern time on September 20th. This contest is open to the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Questions? Leave them in the comments or email Christine - christine(at)christinejohnsonbooks.com


Kelsey said…
I got hungry just looking at those pictures. Let's see, what's in my cupboards... Chips, soup, spices... Where's the sweets?

Anyway, thanks for the great giveaway, Kim!

Britta said…
Yummy! This is the best contest I've seen in a while. Partially because of the great giveaways (well, alot because of that) and also because of the yummy looking pictures on your post! I bake all the time and a I would love some new recipes (we could swap!). I loved The Body Finder and I am eagerly awaiting Desires of the Dead (not just saying that to suck up!)- These other books could definatly curb my reading hunger. Thanks for being so generous and be sure to thank all the other amazing YA authors particiapating!

:) Britta
throuthehaze said…
I love learning new recipes! Those pics are making me hungry :)
throuthehaze at gmail dot com
Steph said…
My oh my, that's an awesome giveaway, Ms. Kim! Oooh and food -- that got my interest!
C.S said…
Omg this giveaway is awesome!!! (I love that it's open to UK aswell).

A huge thank you to all the authors!!!
Cari said…
Amazing giveaway!

Anonymous said…
So, first you tease with RTs with news of lucky tweeps reading ARCs of Desires of the Dead and then you post about cupcakes (with photo to boot). Ahhhhhhhh! You torture, Kim D, you torture!

Anyways, the giveaway is EPIC ZOMG AWESOMES!!! I envy the lucky sod who wins all that swag. Thanks for making it open to the UK!

Saffie (@divandictator)
elizabeth said…
I am so hungry after looking at all of those pictures! I need to go see what I have to eat :)

Thanks for the giveaway.

swordsforfighting at yahoo dot com
The cupcakes look delicious! This is a really cool giveaway it shows how author support each other and I LOVE that.


Rachel Cully said…
wow this is a great giveaway! i would love to win a signed copy of the body finder its a great book. and all these recipes sound yum!
Anonymous said…
Now I really want a cup cake!
thanks for this great giveaway!

twilightforever.edward at gmail dot com
Stacy said…
I love new recipes and boy do those goodies look yummy. This giveaway is fantastic.

This is such a unique contest! I have such a sweet tooth...and a literary tooth, so this is perfect for me. I want to read The Body Finder so much, and I would love to win this contest!
Best chocolate chip cookies ever?? I may have to test that out! ;) Thanks for the super giveaway! You guys all rock!

.Ambur. said…
That pie with the strawberries in that one picture looked so good.... :)

Thanks for the giveaway...and it's always better late than never ;) lol

Ambur (ambiepie_6@hotmail.com)
Anonymous said…
OMG! Thanks for the giveaway! Those cupcakes look soooo good, they make me wanna bake, like, RIGHT NOW. There's nothing better than settling down with a good book, sweets and coffee!

Thanks again, Kim!

~The Book Pixie said…
All that food looks so yummy! Thanks for the giveaway! :D

Liz. R said…
I have to admit I love baking (muffins, anyone?) So some new recipes would be absolutely awesome. As would lots of great new reads! This is truly the best contest ever. Thanks so much!

Aeriell said…
I am so excited about this contest! I could really use some great recipes... Thanks for the giveaway :) Can't wait for Desires of the Dead


chelleyreads said…
wow!! what an awesome giveaway. the recipes sound so good. and the pictures... yum! now i have an urge to bake :)

chelleyreads AT gmail DOT com
kimscarecrow said…
I think I just gained 50lbs by looking at this post. It was all so yummy looking though. :)

Maidenveil said…
I just got hungry looking at all those pictures! O_O Love this giveaway! Books and baking/cooking is like a good match!

thanks for this awesome giveaway!

This is fantastic! Totally peaked my interest... books and baked goods... my two favorite things! ;)

stephaniet117 at yahoo dot com
Onge said…
I want some of those cupcakes!! They are my weakness! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
Ravenous Reader said…
Two of my favorite things together. Books and Baking, I would die a happy girl.

Thank you for this awesome opportunity
The Ravenous Reader
*Andye* said…
Oh my goodness, I'm salivating!!! This contest is ridiculous, it's so amazing! Well, I love all of you guys, so I would love to win any of these prizes, and that food looks yummy! It's funny how many times I've seen you all talking about cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate! I love it!

Andye AT ReadingTeen.net
donnas said…
Sounds great. That strawberry pie looks amazing too. Thanks for sharing it! A good book and sweets, what can possibly be better.

tweeted too - http://twitter.com/DonnaS1/statuses/24257811662

bacchus76 at myself dot com
Samanthajo_322 said…
Holy cow, this is a great giveaway! I shouldn't have read it before breakfast though, now I'm starving!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said…
Oh woah, those pictures looks insanely good. Yum! Geez, this is one insane giveaway! Thank you guys a ton!

Cammy said…
Holy awesome giveaway batman! :o Those pictures look so yummy too, I wanna bake now, haha.

(I also sent a tweet out, @_adrenalinerush)
kjovus said…
We are going to have to bake today! Hand written recipes are like treasures - thanks for the great contest.
Beverly said…
Who could ask for more! Books and food! Thanks for hosting. Please enter me.
Beverly S
The Wormhole (http://wormyhole.blogspotcom)
Elena Solodow said…
Okay, I'm officially hungry!

esolodow at gmail dot com

Renkellym said…
BEST chocolate chip cookies? I want to taste these! Thanks for participating in this amazing giveaway!

- Lauren
pichipitch (at) gmail (dot) com
Vivien said…
This is officially the best giveaway ever. Epic! You have started my baking bug, so now I must go cook something. You're awesome for participating in this. I would love new recipes. Very generous of you. :)
Katie said…
Eep! This contest is so great, great books AND great recipes?!? Thanks for participating!
Nicole said…
Wow this is an amazing giveaway. And now I want dessert! Thanks for the great prize opportunity Kim.

Oh boy. I could really go for a brownie right about now. Yummy giveaway!

A Rick said…
This is such an awesome contest and it s making me hungry!

Nicole Zoltack said…
What a great contest - I love to bake!

Nicole.Zoltack AT gmail DOT com
Holz said…
This is an awesome giveaway (opening it to the UK makes it just that much better)
All those pictures look so yummy:)
Thank you to all the authors particpating!!

Bwyatt said…
This is the most exciting giveaway ever! Because lets face it, what woman doesn't LOVE sweets! YUMMY! And Kimberly, I can't wait for Desires of the Dead! So excited!
LadySaotome said…
This contest is amazing. And those cupcakes in that first picture look luscious! I've had a flu bug the past three days and haven't eated much but I think I'd risk those!
Anonymous said…
What an amazing giveaway! Sounds delicious! I tweeted about it it (un AngelAtTwilight) but I wanted to tell you, again, on here, how much I loved The Body Finder and cannot wait for the 2nd chapter to be released!! *giddy silly clap* As I just mentioned in a FB message I sent, your writing is both moving and motivating for me, as an aspiring author, to keep trying and keep writing. So thank you again for all of your hard work and for your generosity toward your fans!
Jessy said…
I'm so hungry for something sweet after reading this. I'm going to go home a bake a huge batch of cookies!
tsalvatore said…
This would be so great to win.
kermit4110 said…
Books & Sweets!!! Oh yeah! You got my attention!!! What a great giveaway!!! I am really excited to see so many authors are participating!!! Thank you for being so devoted to your fans!
latishajean said…
Ok now I'm hungry looks very good now I will have to make some cupcakes. Great books and great giveaway thank you very much!
Nalazul said…
Great giveaway. The pictures look so good. It will be great to have new recipes.
resugo said…
what a sweet contest! I'm craving some sugar now. Count me in.
Crystal Cook said…
This is so funny because just the other day I was thinking of how much I love to bake and how lame it is that I haven't been doing it much lately. I just finished reading the Body Finder and really LOVED it! Although I have to admit that I let it sit on my shelf for a long time because I was afraid that the killer's POV would give me nightmares (I am a grown woman and unafraid to admit that, also I'm a scaredy pants).

THanks for the chance to win such great prizes!


Yummy giveaway!!! How exciting!

Pokadots1121 said…
I love this contest. It makes me want to eat and read which is a really good combination.
Thanks a lot.
Arianna said…
This looks Awesome
Arianna said…
this looks awesome
Katie said…
This is the most amazing contest I have ever seen! It is so great how authors get together and decide to give away a boatload of books and book goodies and not to mention all of the yummy looking recipes! Such an amazing things all of you authors are doing!

Jessica316 said…
This contest is the best of both worlds! Sweets and books. I would love to win all of those awesome books! What an awesome idea for a contest! Thanks so much!

Jessica Arb
Julia said…
Please enter me, this contest looks absolutely fabulous and is making me hungry! Tee-hee!


Cassay said…
Now I want to go make cupcakes and brownies. Those pictures look tastey!

You guys are all so generous with those prizes!

Cassandra C
cassandra dot crouser at yahoo dot ca
Crazy Cat Lady said…
What a wonderful contest - combining 2 of my favorite things, YA and dessert recipes! Couldn't be more appropriate!

Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady said…
I tweeted:

Crazy Cat Lady
Grace said…
Oh, I wanna enter too, I wasn't sure if you were going to put yours up. haha.


Lindsey said…
This giveaway sounds amazing!
Ivy Hawthorn said…
This is seriously awesome! I can't wait to read Desires of the Dead! I'm just finishing The Body Finder and have been whining about Desires of the Dead on twitter since then! :)

Thanks for being apart of an AWESOME contest!

*crossing my fingers*

DeJa said…
Wow...that's such an awesomely awesome contest! ...Now where'd I put those cookies...? :D
Cassie said…
Those pictures made me really hungry! It makes sense that you writers bake too because it is another creative outlet.
You guys are evil taunting us with all those yummy photos and prizes! LOL
Amy J
djsfoxylady @ gmail.com
Aaron M said…
Cool! I want a piece of that cake! Wow... Did I really just make that lame of a pun?
Either way, coolio times fifty bagillion, lol. :D

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