TBF Now In Germany!!!

YAY, the first foreign edition of THE BODY FINDER was released in Germany this week as:

Bodyfinder, Das Echo der Toten (Bodyfinder, the Echoes of the Dead)

If any of you sees this gorgeous German edition out in the wild, could you please email me some pics of it???

Thanks! You guys are the best!!!


Anonymous said…
go here

hope this helps,
Letter Garden said…
Yay! I'll check my local bookstore! :D
Philia Libri said…
The next time I go to the bookstore and I see it, I'll take some pictures :)
baddict17 said…
I saw the cover and it's beautiful! I wish I could read German :-(
Anonymous said…
but the original is in english, you can go here
CJ Gosling said…
oooh. That's so cool. Germany just might be one of my favorite places in the world. I'm really excited for you!
Philia Libri said…
Besides: In Austria, we speak German too :) (And therefore the book is also available here, though I know it's a very small country)
Philia Libri - You're absolutely right, it should have read: TBF Now in German! (That sort of covers everyone, right?)

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