First, let me tell you, I both loved and hated this contest.

Loved: I loved your creativity. I loved your enthusiasm. I loved the fact that you were willing to do my work for me in coming up with uber-cool catch-phrases. I loved that you were so much better at this than I am. And I loved that even my editor sent me a suggestion!

I flat out loved your catch-phrases. Loveloveloved them! You guys rock!!!

Hated: I hated that I loved so many of your catch-phrases! Seriously, this was SO DAMN HARD! I thought there would be one (maybe two) clear and shiny winners that I would immediately be able to spot among all the others, and just know that that was: THE ONE!

Um, no. Not so much.

I toiled. I made lists. I narrowed them down. I asked my husband for his opinion. And then I asked my kids. And when I couldn’t narrow it down any further I asked one of my favorite online writer groups to vote. And they did, and it was still fairly divided.

But I think we’ve finally done it. Two catch-phrases that we all kept going back to over and over again.

So, here goes (and don’t hate me if yours isn’t on here, seriously, it probably made the cut at some point, this was agonizing…):

FIRST PLACE (and winner of the UNEARTHLY prize pack):

Hailey for her catch-phrase:

Echoes are forever

With honorable mention going to Chloe for her variations on the same line:

Echoes go on forever / The echoes never end

SECOND PLACE (and the winner of the KISSES FROM HELL prize pack):

Elizabeth Briggs, with her catch-phrase:

What’s your desire?

I loved all the plays on the word DESIRE, but this one fit nicely with THE BODY FINDER’s original catch-phrase: What is your echo?

Honorable mentions for this one go to:

Marsha Sigman for: What do you desire?

Kjovus for: What is your desire?

And Jackie (writer’s block) from Goodreads: Do you desire?

Do you see why this was so hard for me??? Not only were there so many amazing choices, but then there were these slightly tweaked variations that I had to decide between. T-O-U-G-H!!!!

Those of you got Honorable Mentions, email me (kim (at) kimberlyderting (dot) com), I’ve got some brand spanking new TBF and DESIRES buttons and bracelets to send you!

And I’m sorry I couldn’t pick everyone, I really am!!!! I love you guys!


Meghan said…
I guess the simpler the better. Congrats to the winners! And I loved this contest, it was fun.
Hey Meghan! I really loved some of the longer ones (they were so creative!), but they would be tough for me to use as a signature line at signings.

I really did hate having to decide :(
Britta said…
Congrats to the winners! I actually thought of a variation of these, but alas I found this contest way to late in the game. And Kimberly, don't worry- you did a great job choosing!
Meghan said…
Must've been very hard. They were a lot of entries but the ones you choose were simple but with strong meaning so like Britta said, no worries :)
Hailey said…
So, so happy right now!
I really can't stop thanking you enough Kimberly!
Congrats to everyone! (:
Marsha Sigman said…
Thank you for having this contest! It was so much fun and really gives us a sense of being involved in the process.

Sorry for being so horribly late responding!!

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