On The Twelfth Drink Of Christmas...

We have an annual tradition in our neighborhood...we all gather for a holiday celebration in which we go to 12 different houses each serving a different cocktail. We call it The 12 Drinks of Christmas! SO MUCH FUN!!! As long as you pace yourself.

Over the years, my husband and I have learned some tricks:

1) Eat the offered appetizers. (Drinking on an empty stomach can be...bad. Very, very bad!)

2) Try to drink water (or some other non-alcoholic beverage) at every other house.

3) You don't have to finish every drink. Tasting is okay. Sipping is even better.

These are rules to live by when you're served Duck Farts (yes, that's a real drink) at one house and hot spiced wine at another. These things do not mix well. We have learned to be cautious.

The 12 Drinks party is next weekend and last night my husband and I were trying to narrow down our drink choices, so we were sampling this (The French Kiss):

And this (the Bailey's Cherry Cafe):

And this (a Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake Martini):


The clear winner...The French Kiss. Just the right amount of sweet and VERY pretty. Although, chocolate kisses DO NOT, in fact, float as a garnish...they sink. So I'm thinking chocolate shavings instead ;)

I found all of the recipes here (the pics alone are to die for!).

Do you have any fun holiday party plans or traditions???


MickeyJayyy said…
This is such a COOL idea! I live in a neighborhood where we don't know many of our neighbors, which is a shame. Sounds like fun though!!
storyqueen said…
I hope you are able to find your way back to you own house!

The one with Bailey's sounds sooooo good.

Happy Holidays!

Corey Schwartz said…
Oh, what fun. I might even consider converting for that! Sounds better than our eight latkes of Hannukah parties :)
Oh, what fun! Yes, the French Kiss looks yummy and so pretty. Chocolate shavings will be nice. And maybe give the chocolate kisses on the side. ;)
Tara Maya said…
My friend went to a Christmas party one year that served Cosmos and Apple Martinis, so red and green drinks. It looked quite festive, I'm told, and I've always wanted to try that.
Little Ms J said…
Looks deelish! Chocolate martinis are my fave. Although, I only smell drinks now... :-)
Jessica said…
Ooh those look good! I'm nearly 23 and still haven't found a drink I like. I feel pretty lame sometimes because most people my age are getting drunk. My one friend use to tell me a few of his drunk stories, but since he was a guy, I guess that was the exception!
Solvang Sherrie said…
I spent yesterday afternoon, from noon to 6pm, singing with some friends while people decorated gingerbread houses at the Solvang Bakery. We do it the first weekend in December every year and it's such a blast. It always gets me into the holiday spirit :)
Paul Aertker said…
Now this is a good blog!@!
MickeyJayyy- It's a great way to get to know your neighbors :)

storyqueen - The Bailey's one was good too, but I'm a sucker for raspberry (and the French Kiss had it). And thankfully we only have to walk home.

Corey - OMG you totally cracked me up! And we could change the name for you!!!

Jessica(Booklover) - Thank you...I love the kisses on the side idea!

Tara Maya - We may have found our drinks for next year...that's a great idea :)

LMJ - Thankfully that won't last forever, right?

Jessica - Some of the "drunk stories" are painful to look back on though ;)

Sherry - Ooh, you saved me some, right????

Paul - Why does your comment remind me of Bill: "If you like me now..."
Tam said…
Yum...can't wait for your house! But now I'm wondering what's actually floating in that drink in the picture, if it's not a Kiss...????

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