Remember those sweet TBF t-shirts that everyone wore at last year’s launch party??? Well this year, the company that did them for us is making the all-new DESIRES OF THE DEAD t-shirts available to the public!

Here they are (Pretend I hired a professional model instead of this 9-year-old amateur who doesn't know she should be hiding her hands and legs. That, or that I'm better at Photo Shop.) :

And here are the deets:

$9.56 (including sales tax) for the black, short-sleeved shirts. Standard sizes are Youth S-XL; Women S-XL; Men S-XL (for larger sizes, just add $2.00 for each X beyond XL).

They also have these great cinch bags for $5.75 including tax. Super cute, aren’t they???

U.S. Shipping is $2.00. (If you’re international, you’ll need to contact the store to make arrangements with them.)

To order, you can either email ( or call (253-891-1677) the Sports Connection in Bonney Lake, WA.


Also Available:

Women's Baby Doll tees are available in Junior sizes S-4XL and they're $15.00 (incl. tax) for S-XL. Add $2.00 for each additional X.

Black Hoodies are available Unisex S-XL for $23.50 (incl tax) and go up to 3XL, but each additional X is $2.00.


Britta said…
Cute! You should make sweatshirts too. I'd def want one of those.
Tam said…
Hey did you know they have the baby toll t's for women and black hoodies too????
Thanks Tam, I just updated the post!!!
Precious said…
So cute! I like the cinch bag! :)
Is there going to be a giveaway? KiddinG!
Precious - Hmm, I'll have to think about that... ;)

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